Yesterday, Wednesday Apr 17, 2013, New Zealand parliament passed a law legalizing same-sex marriage. The “Definition of Marriage Amendment Bill” was passed into Law by 77 votes to 44 on it’s third reading. The formal announcement of the vote was followed by a “waiata”, a traditional Māori song. The waiata that seemed to spontaneously erupt and spread through the crowd, including quite a few lawmakers, was a love song called “Pokarekare Ana.” This was a beautiful and appropriate way of marking such a historic moment, and was also a helpful reminder to the opposition that the only motive here is to support love. The Bill, an amendment to New Zealand’s 1955 marriage laws, will come into effect in August. The amendment was sponsored by gay Labour MP Louisa Wall (pictured above), who can be seen in the video embracing her peers in celebration after the declaration. Ms. Wall is quoted as saying she had only ever hoped for 61 members to Vote “Yes” to the amendment. New Zealand is now the 13th country to legalize same-sex marriage, and is the first country in the Asia-Pacific to do so. The passing of this bill will hopefully put extra pressure on Australia, New Zealand’s neighbor, to follow suit.  Despite Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s continued opposition to same-sex marriage, some Australian states have been considering gay-marriage legislation. For now, same-sex couples in Australia will have the option to journey to New Zealand to wed. Kia ora, New Zealand. Well done in leading the way.