Former pro volleyball player, Gabrielle Reece was out promoting her new book My Foot is too Big For This Glass Slipper. Reece talks about her 17 year marriage to Laird Hamilton, her career, raising three children and how to have a successful marriage. According to Reece the key to a happy marriage to by being submissive to your husband. Gabrielle and Laird filed for divorce after only a couple of years of marriage, only to reconcile a few months later. Reece states that becoming submissive in her marriage was a sign of strength not weakness and that it helped to reconnect the couple. Reece said, “I’m clearly the female; Laird’s clearly the male. I’m willing and I choose to serve the family which means dinner and laundry and organizing his schedule as well as my schedule and other things.” Gabrielle also believes that the idea of a fairy tale marriage is “bullshit” and that men understand the communication of food and sex. I cannot believe such a strong athletic icon for women would speak out about being submissive to their husband. Every relationship, whether it be friendship or romantic connection is about working together and communication. Household chores and raising children aren’t women’s work. No one person in a relationship should be dominant or submissive, it’s about being equal parts. As for her comments on a fairy tale marriage being bull, I can agree with that. Even when you find the one person in life you can’t imagine being without, it’s still hard work and you are still going to have issues. Nothing is perfect in life or in marriage, everything takes work, but in the end it’s all worth it. Men are also so much more than just mindless machines that eat, work, and want sex. To say that is all a man wants in life, means you are with the wrong man. There are men that are sensitive and who would rather get to know you over a good meal then get into your pants. We can’t keep stereotyping – they aren’t just horn-dogs, they do have feelings, too. Reese also discusses women’s desire to have it all in her new book. By saying “We don’t worry about (men) having it all, so I don’t know where we got this idea to have it all, you’ve got to choose what you’re going to work really hard at.” As for Reese saying that woman shouldn’t want it all, we should. Women before us have worked extremely hard to get us the rights to have it all. We don’t have to choose between a career and a family anymore, we can have both and deserve both. There are plenty of women out there who run their own companies and are wonderful mothers at the same time.