I found this article by The Inquisitr about actor James Franco’s recent trip to SXSW, where he talks about advertisers dropping him because of his image. Over the last couple of years it’s been reported that Franco has been apart of, whether directing or producing, some films that involve homosexuality as a running theme. Along with the films there have been ramped rumors that James himself is also gay. While none of this should matter it is suggested by Franco himself that this is the reason he’s been dropped by advertisers. What ever your opinion of James Franco is it shouldn’t matter in this case, advertisers are refusing to use him based on his support of homosexuality in film. I’m glad that he has strong mind and is unwilling to change just so he can make more money being in ads for small minded companies. Recently Mila Kunis was dropped from Dior ad campaigns because she put on weight, REALLY! James Franco has taken on roles that go outside the convention of a Hollywood matinee star. Although this week he stars as Oz in Disney’s Oz The Great And Powerful, Franco often takes on roles that cover a gay-centric fair. Usually while Franco is applauded for brave role choices, he does suffer from them as well. Franco, who was at SXSW to promote his new film Spring Breakers, spoke about the risks he makes when taking on roles that may skew the public’s perception of him. His film roles, specifically the films he produces or directs, have apparently cost him three advertising campaigns. Over being scrutinized by some ad companies, Franco revealed: “I’ve lost three kind of advertising campaigns now because the companies say they don’t like my image, but I know that it’s directly related to the films that I put out at Sundance.” Although Franco didn’t name the three companies that have dropped him from their campaigns, as far as we know, Franco remains to be the face of Gucci’s Made-to-measure campaign, and the actor, director, screenwriter, artist, professor-extraordinaire has released several short film campaigns for 7 For All Mankind jeans. The actor attended SXSW for a special screening of Spring Breakers. In the Harmony Korine directed film, Franco plays Alien, a gun-slinging, southern accent, grill wearing, weed toking, gangster rapper, who embroils three innocent girls in a war of chaos. The role, which has garnered Franco some rave reviews is a complete 180 from his Disney box office hit Oz: The Great And Powerful, but its roles like the former that Franco is inevitable known for. Franco isn’t the only one who’s been dropped from a campaign as of late. Actress and frequent Franco collaborator, Mila Kunis, was dropped earlier in the season by Dior. According to sources, the actress was dismissed from her contract over her weight.