Khloe Kardashian recently did an interview with Glamour Magazine about her body and how she is always criticized for the way it looks. Firstly, I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to be a celebrity and have what your wear or what you look like constantly picked apart. It’s hard enough for us “regular” folks. What I really like about Khloe is that she doesn’t hide how it makes her feel. She admits on her reality show that it’s hard always being compared to her smaller sisters, but she’s accepted who she is. I think Khloe has an amazing body. Confidence is a beautiful thing. You can’t always let what people think get you down. Love you for you and for no one else. Khloe Kardashian is sick and tired of being considered the “bigger” Kardashian. The “X Factor” co-host loves her body and admits she’s confident because of her curves. “A few years ago I lost 30 pounds, and people still wanted to criticize. And honestly, I’m happy with myself if I’m a little heavier,” Khloe tells Glamour magazine. “I realized: ‘Why am I trying to conform to someone else’s idea of beauty?’ I think I’m beautiful either way.” Khloe also confesses that she tries not to compare herself to her sisters Kim and Kourtney, especially when it comes to beauty. “I’m a little more silly than they are,” she explains of her distinct style. “I like to do designs on the side of my face, or cut out foil stickers from the crafts store and put them on my forehead.” As for all the rumors surrounding her personal life, Khloe released a statement denouncing the claims that she and Lamar Odom are divorcing or that she is not really a Kardashian on her blog Jan. 16. It is disgusting that Life & Style and InTouch magazines continue to print these false stories about my life: the status of my marriage, false reports about a miscarriage, the horrible lie that my dad is not my biological father, jealousy over my sisters’ lives, etc. It is a complete waste of time to address these reports every time they print these ridiculous and absurd tabloid stories, but not only are these stories untrue, they’re also unfair to the people who buy the magazines expecting to read accurate reports. She went on to defend her marriage and the fact that she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet. “Anyone who pays attention to these things can easily see the incredible bond that everyone in my family shares,” Khloe wrote. “I’m happily married to a wonderful man and fall in love with him more and more each day, and we’ll have a baby when God wants us to and when the time is right. These blatant lies are distasteful and shameless.”