I’d have to say I have mixed feelings about this VH1 article, which I’m posting below. Rebel Wilson, a star on Pitch Perfect, has started promoting Jenny Craig through an Australian campaign, which was inspired by negative comments she’d received via the internet about her weight. I think this shows a few things. First, that celebrities are HUMAN. They are not always immune to negative comments! They have insecurities and low self-esteem, too. I’m a bit disappointed…as I often am, about how people display ignorant opinions so freely over the internet. I find it disgusting that so many people have negative, hurtful things to say. And as the last paragraph in the article states, I also have mixed feelings about this Jenny Craig campaign…it saddens me that Rebel has been hurt so deeply through these comments that she feels she needs to lose weight. Losing weight and taking a proactive approach to your health is certainly not a bad thing – I just wish she was doing it for HER, not to silence internet trolls.

rebel wilsonWho is out there making fun of Rebel Wilson and what is wrong with you? Do people honestly think they’re “adding to the conversation” by calling the Pitch Perfect star “morbidly obese” on the Internet? According to Rebel’s Jenny Craig Australia campaign, it’s comments like those that compelled her start losing weight. “Of course I go on the internet all the time and look up what people say about you,” Rebel says in one of her videos. “One person wrote, ‘What’s her problem? Besides her morbid obesity?’ I read that and I was like…ugh. Like, it is really hurtful. When you read comments like that you think, ‘This is something I can fix. So I should probably fix it.’”  Coincidentally, they’re also comments that make us want to shut down the internet and start civilization all over again from scratch. Who’s with us? In her video journal for the weight loss company, the Bridesmaids actress reveals how she’s lost over 33 pounds, but hopes to drop much more. “I guess with being this size you kind of put yourself into the friend zone. You never think anyone will be attracted to you at this weight,” she admits. “So you don’t really go out.” So…filled…with…empathy…and…rage…In all honesty, we’re kind of torn about Rebel’s weight loss campaign. On one hand, it’s her life and her body. On the other hand, we want to imagine Rebel hanging out in that bikini pube shirt from the MTV VMAS 24/7, just laughing and not giving an eff what anyone thinks. On the other other hand (which we realize is actually the first hand again), we hope Rebel gets everything she wants in life, including never having to need “elasticized pants.” Just don’t wear pants at all, girl! We will support you in this!