Just a few weeks ago, we introduced our first team member, Madeleine. I’m really happy and grateful to be making yet another announcement so soon, welcoming our second addition: Lauren! Lauren’s going to be our second admin on the facebook page as well as a writer on the website. I’ve known Lauren for several years and she’s been a huge supporter of Beutiful from the beginning – whether she was suggesting content for articles, participating in the newsletter, or just supporting the core message. She’s absolutely brilliant and I know she’s going to be a positive addition to our growing team! If you’d like to learn more about Lauren and her journey, check out the interview she did with us for our March 2011 newsletter! ~ Patricia   LAUREN Lauren JohnsonFirst I’d like to say Hello to everyone and that I’m so happy to be a member of Beutiful Magazine. My name is Lauren, I’m 27 years old, and I’m from NY. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. I love being creative, going to the gym, on dates with my fiance, and have more shoes than I can fit in my closet. I love Beutiful Magazine for its passionate crusade on all the things forced and brainwashed on us. Beutiful had made me really sit and think about all of the things that I hear and see everyday. I realized how silly everything was. Who cares what you weigh, what race you are, what sexual orientation you are? The only person who should care is you. Our own opinion is the only opinion that really matters. The posts on Beutiful Magazine are about important issues whether they personally affect you or not. No one in the world should dislike themselves because someone told them they weren’t good enough.

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. I hated myself. I hated feeling like people were looking at me and laughing at me. I hated being picked on and made fun of. It only got worse because I would sit around and believe everything that was said to me. I felt sorry for myself and worthless. Than 8 years ago I met my fiance. He made me feel so special and beautiful. Like I was the only girl in the room no matter where we went. All of the wonderful things he said to me started to build up my confidence and I forgot all of the negative things people would tell me. Then three years ago, I got sick and gained almost 50 pounds. I hated myself and the way I looked. I slowly got my health back and began to work out. And then I had an epiphany. I am who I am and no one can take that away from me. If my fiance loves the way I am and I love the way I am, who cares what anyone else thinks? There is someone out there for everyone who will love all the flaws you see in the mirror everyday. Those flaws make you special and unique. If you’re a curvy girl and you want to wear a mini skirt, do it! If you’re a muscular girl and you love strapless dresses wear them! If you’re a boy who feels more comfortable in a dress rock it! Who cares what anyone else says – be you with confidence and pride!