Jocelyn WattsJocelyn Watts is a poet and writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She regularly posts her art on her website, The Purkinje Project, of the experiences she’s encountered, endured, and triumphed. Through The Purkinje Project, Jocelyn presents her art, their art, any art. Her mission is to learn who she is and who her viewers are through every medium of art, starting with a focus on poetry and then moving onward. Here’s one of her great poems!

    Purkinje ProjectFalse Differentiation People walk around parading their normalcy With self proclaimed Uniqueness. Now isn’t that amusing Do those individuals wonder What it would actually be like to be Truthfully unique- you know Human Heredity disorders Autosomal Recessive for Tay-Sachs Autosomal Dominant for Achondroplasia, Dwarfism. My point here is that genetically we are all The same As fish. We squirm away from the likeness. As newborns, babies, toddlers, Those snot nosed bundles of joy, don’t We get love unconditionally even from strangers And all babies are alike; Poop piss and eat. As adults we do the same thing- Except we think.