bad-hair-day               Yes, seven out of one-hundred women are happy with their hair, according to a study conducted by Dove. That means, 93 woman are not. Here are some other results from the study:

  • 67% of women say their unpredictable hair has “a mind of its own.”
  • 20% of women say that they have skipped a social function because of a bad hair day
  • 45% feel their hair routine is more important than eating breakfast
  • 39% care more about doing their hair than applying makeup
  • 35% would spend extra time on their hair than get extra sleep
  • 58% use at least three hair products a day to style their hair

TWENTY PERCENT of women are not attending functions because of their hair?! That’s so awful! Considering the amount of money and time that women do invest in their hair, it’s insane to think that we wouldn’t be in love with our strands. I think the saddest thing about what this study uncovered, is that women are allowing something so unimportant to control their lives. We already go to such great lengths to alter out natural hair by straightening, curling or coloring it that it’s unfortunate that we can still find a way to be unsatisfied with it. I recall an older post I did on an ad created by L-Oreal, in which the ad came under fire because the company used extensions on the model while advertising a product. Perhaps we’re being manipulated into having false expectations on our hair, and we feel as if we’re being judged if it looks anything less than perfect. I wish that women were encouraged to appreciate their natural hair and color and secure enough not to feel like it’s the end of the world when they’re having a bad hair day. Getting good sleep and eating breakfast is important to your health – having mirror-like shiny hair is not!