canklesWe’ve heard of face lifts, nose jobs, and breast implants… but cankle surgery? Seriously?! According to the Daily Mail, women have become increasingly aware of their cankles (the area where their calves and ankles meet) and are going to great lengths to slim down this area which can’t be changed by diet or exercise. The Daily Mail interviewed Shami Thomas of Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group who describes the laser liposuction as non-invasive in contouring the area. “The 60% uplift in inquiries is evidence that patients are now seeing that there is an answer to the burden of carrying extra weight on the lower leg,” Thomas told the Daily Mail. “Patients who previously have felt self-conscious about this part of their body can now feel more confident through a simple non-surgical procedure.” Thomas says the treatment makes women more proud show off their legs and notes that most patients who seek the cankle procedure also have laser lipo on their knees. You know what? Maybe if we stopped making up gross names for body “flaws” like cankles and muffin tops we wouldn’t become so self conscious to want to change them. Just a thought! Article by Yahoo! Shine