LifeFor those of you that have been following Beutiful Magazine, you know what it’s about. Self-love, self-acceptance and tolerance. Our philosophy has always been that there is room for everyone in this world and we’ve been combating discrimination on the basis of size, appearance, age, sexuality, race, etc. It goes deeper. This is just the surface of a larger vision. What happens when you teach people to stop judging and be more tolerant? When you show people that everyone is relevant and equal, regardless of lifestyle, external factors, environment, education, etc.? What happens when you show people how to love instead of hate? You start a revolution, and you end up changing the mentality and ultimately the lives, of everyone you come in contact with. Nothing spreads more contagiously than love and kindness. It is viral. HeartWhen people learn acceptance of themselves and others, hate stops. There is no purpose of and no reason to hate anymore. I have believed for a long time, that hate is the cause of everything wrong in this world. It is the root of wars. It is the root of crime. Abuse. It is the root of self-loathing and jealousy, which creates greed and disrespect. Pride and egoism. When people live full lives, they take less and they give back. They take care of the universe, the world, the people, each other, themselves. They care. Call me crazy or naive, but I 120% believe that if everyone carried out their own love and gave more of it, the world could gradually change. The collective mentality of life could change. Maybe not in this generation, but we put the future in a good place. People could carry on their lives, their dreams, their full potential without insecurities and self-doubt. We could teach our children to be strong and confident, and not so self-absorbed/conscious. People actually live, instead of dreaming of lives they don’t have, bodies they don’t have, etc. It’s about self-appreciation, which translates to life-appreciation. What would you do if you were not afraid of yourself? If you could embrace who you were? It’s an uphill battle. But this is our larger philosophy, this is our goal. In you, we see something so beautiful and unique – believe that. You are the embodiment and soul of our message. You should know you are the most fucking amazing thing ever. By undefining, we are redefining. Be u. SUPPORT OUR MOVEMENT: Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / Sign up for the newsletter / Buy a t-shirt