Club Monaco mannequinMannequins are infamous for showcasing unrealistically tiny proportions, but it’s starting to look a little more unhealthy. Here’s a Club Monaco mannequin, the first one I’ve seen with a highly visible spine. However, the unfortunate emaciated trend isn’t entirely new: Stella McCartney featured mannequins with visible collarbones way back in 2005. I honestly don’t see a need for the skeletons of the mannequins to be showing – it’s only for visual effect and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with how the clothing hangs on the plastic body. Perhaps it’s supposed to more closely resemble the runway models that display the clothing. This might also be the opposition to the newer, curvier mannequins that have started appearing in stores, like Debamhams for example. I know that when we work to embrace the acceptance of larger bodies, we also have to embrace that there are people who have naturally smaller bodies as well. However, I don’t think encouraging skeletal bodies is the way to do it – it doesn’t seem healthy for anyone. stella mccartney mannequinImages from Jezebel