The Paradox of #WeighThis

Cyndi Springford is the founder of Love Your Body Project: Peace, Love and Food and an ACE/AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Certified Running Coach, Certified Eating Psychology Coach with training from the following organizations:,,, Having worked in the fitness industry since 1993, her unique background in eating psychology and her own unique journey with food, I felt Cyndi was someone whose words would really resonate with all of you. This is a fantastic post from her blog, Cyndi Lou Running.  A friend of mine posted a link on my fb timeline today,…

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SmartPlate: The Meal Tracker Transforming Weight And Nutrition Management

I used to be someone who obsessively counted calories yet had no idea what true nutrition was and what my body needed – and I had no way of calculating any of this. After all, it’s far easier to just count calories than calculate and track all of your proteins, carbs, sodium, etc individually! Fortunately, now we are spared the agony of old-school meal/nutrition planning that existed before meal tracking technology existed. One product on my radar is the SmartPlate, which is going to revolutionize the way weight management and special nutrition needs are approached. The…

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Hello Perfect’s 14 Ways To Make 2014 Perfect

By Alexa Carlin, Founder of Hello Perfect (As published on You can also see this article in our last digital magazine. Check it out! There are tons of posts telling us how to make 2014 the best year ever. But what do these lists really tell us? Do they say things we already know but regard as unrealistic to implement in our lives? Do they provide evidence of how these tips work?  What would make my 2014 perfect is different from what will make your 2014 perfect, right? This list consists…

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Cameron Diaz Announces Release Of Body-Positive Book With Au Naturale Photo

It’s an exciting time for actress Cameron Diaz, and now she’s got us pumped as well! On December 11th, Cameron posted a smiling makeup-free photo of herself to her Instagram account, gushing about her new nutrition book, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body. “One of my proudest moments! Receiving the first bound copy of The Body Book!! @thebodybook LADIES!! I wrote this book for YOU and YOUR BODY.. And I’m so excited to share it with you!! You…

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Kari Adams: I Just Got Triggered by My Son’s Doctor!

If you followed Binge Eating Disorder (BED) Week last month, you might recall one of our partners, Killer Confidence – which is led by Kari Adams. Killer Confidence is a movement created to celebrate, empower, and embrace women as they heal and learn to love themselves just as they are. Kari uses this website to serve as a safe place to encourage self-love, self-esteem and positive body image in all women since eating disorders, negative body image and low self-esteem are no longer just teen problems. Having been through hell and…

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