Creator Of The ‘Real-Size Barbie’ Is Now Making A Realistic Doll For Boys (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Finally, little boys and girls will be given a more realistic alternative to the Ken doll. Nickolay Lamm, the genius creator behind the amazing Lammily doll that provided girls with a doll that resembled themselves more than a narrow-minded beauty standards, is now doing the same thing with a boy’s doll. In an email to Revelist, Lamm revealed that he was inspired by his own body image issues as a man to create a “realistically proportioned” male doll: “Women are unfortunately still having a difficult time facing unrealistic, weight and beauty-obsessed…

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Domestic Violence: A Male’s Perspective

Domestic violence happens to men, too. According to the CDC 1 in 4 men will become victims of domestic violence in their life. That totals to around 3 million men a year or one man in America being abused every 37.8 seconds. The statistics are frightening, but why aren’t we talking about them and the abuse men endure? When we discuss domestic violence as a nation every time an athlete or celebrity assaults their partner or spouse, we talk about the statistics of women being abused. While those numbers are…

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The “Dad Bod” Is Putting Male Body Image On The Map, And We Love It

Last week I saw several articles talking about this “dad bod” phenomenon, and I finally got curious enough to find out what the fuss was all about. I wasn’t disappointed. The dad bod is exactly what it sounds like – a man that has the body of a…dad (translation: average adult male body). And no, being an actual dad is not a requirement for this body type. This term gained tons of momentum after college-focused website the Odyssey published an essay called “Why Girls Love The Dad Bod”, written by Clemson University sophomore…

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How Abusers Get Away With Murder

I recently spotted this short Upworthy article titled The 4 Terrifying Dating Secrets Abusers Are Counting On You Not Knowing. The article highlights a GIF set from Leslie Morgan Steiner’s TED Talk, “Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave.” In the four GIFs, Steiner is shown saying the following: “I did not know that the first step in any domestic violence relationship is to seduce and charm the victim.” “I also did not know that the second step is to isolate the victim.” “The next step in the domestic violence pattern is…

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“Feminist Frank”: The Meme You Wish Were A Real Guy

I’ve been a long-time fan of the internet’s Ryan Gosling feminism images (I don’t know one woman who isn’t, actually!) They’re funny, clever and prompt people to think about real issues that women face in our society! (If you’re a fan, you’ll be thrilled that the feminist Ryan Gosling images have been made into a BOOK! I think I need this in my life.) Here’s the even better news: the internet has produced a new feminist meme: Feminist Frank. This guy looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model, but once you get…

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