Marriage equality

France Becomes 14th Country to Legalize Marriage Equality!

Félicitations to France for becoming the 14th nation to offer full and equal marriage rights! On Tuesday April 23, less than a week after New Zealand’s declaration, France’s senate passed a marriage equality bill into law with a vote of 331-225. The National Assembly originally supported the bill 329-229 and the Senate passed it with a voice vote. French lovers are happy to note that the law will be effect in just a few months, marking France as the 14th country to legalize marriage equality. In fact, this has been an unprecedented month…

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New Zealand Passes Same-Sex Marriage Into Law

Yesterday, Wednesday Apr 17, 2013, New Zealand parliament passed a law legalizing same-sex marriage. The “Definition of Marriage Amendment Bill” was passed into Law by 77 votes to 44 on it’s third reading. The formal announcement of the vote was followed by a “waiata”, a traditional Māori song. The waiata that seemed to spontaneously erupt and spread through the crowd, including quite a few lawmakers, was a love song called “Pokarekare Ana.” This was a beautiful and appropriate way of marking such a historic moment, and was also a helpful reminder to…

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