Anna Kerslake: A photographer on a mission

Anna, a 23 year old photographer born and bred in Dublin, Ireland, has something to say. Be on the lookout for Anna’s work in our future issues, but in the meantime here is what she revealed about her photography and how she uses it to make a statement about body image and the sexist portrayal of women in the media! Oh, and don’t forget to check out Anna’s two page spread in The Women’s Issue! Before I went into photography I had planned on becoming a professional singer. I attended…

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Operation Beautiful

A group of girls at Plano Senior High School in Texas realized they were spending too much time getting ready for school everyday, sometimes up to an hour and a half. So the girls created Operation Beautiful, where they encourage other students to not wear makeup for one day. The group also created a youtube video where they talk about the idea behind Operation Beautiful and get student feedback on the project. Even the male students encourage girls to go makeup free, saying that they don’t need it and look…

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Stars go with out makeup

In the February issue of W Magazine celebrities ditched the makeup to show off their natural beauty in a photo shoot. The mixture of men and women (who for some reason aren’t all make up free) pose along side blurs about their start in acting or important moments in their careers. I think more magazine spreads should be toned down with Photoshopping at least, I understand the whole fashion process behind the pictures but when the physical shape and look of someone is changed I think it’s time to but…

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Katie Couric goes makeup-free

Add Katie Couric to the growing list of women who are appearing makeup-free (and don’t forget the ladies on The View!). The audience was also makeup-free as well as her guest – Phoebe Baker Hyde, Author of “The Beauty Experiment” (about her year-long journey without makeup). The interviews with everyday women and Phoebe are excellent in the video segment from the show. It’s truly inspiring. Here’s the Huffington Post article:

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Redefine The Definition of Beauty

The official definition of beauty is “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.” But who was the person that decided a certain body type, race, or age determined someones beauty. No One! Everyone Is Beautiful! MAC Cosmetics has always been known for doing over the top ads for there collections and there new ad is no exception. MAC decided to redefine the definition of beauty by using professional female bodybuilder Jelena Abbou in…

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