Taking On Gender Stereotypes In Children’s Clothing

This post was contributed by Aimee King. Aimee is a freelance writer and single cat mom based out of New York. Her interest in gender stereotypes comes from her rugged upbringing spent exploring the outdoors. You can find her other work here., a site that connects users to different types of caregivers, recently posted a question asking readers: “If your son wanted to dress up as a princess for Halloween, would you let him?” As they explained in the article: “Playing dress-up is more than just fun. It also…

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The Great Wall Of Vagina / An Interview With Artist Jamie McCartney

Jamie McCartney has been on our radar for a while, ever since we heard about his amazing sculpture, “The Great Wall of Vagina” – a powerful nod to diversity and the female form. This project – and all the dynamics of it – is fascinating and we’re so happy to be able to share Jamie’s words and experiences with all of you! Viva la Vulvalution! Tell us about yourself! I grew up in London but now I live on the coast. My mother is an artist and she took me…

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Feminist Lingerie: Neon Moon Is Going To Change The Way Women Feel About Their Bodies

I can’t tell you how many times myself or other women haven looked at a lingerie item and asked ourselves any of the following questions: “How does this work?” “How is this even comfortable?!” Or how many women feel worse after looking through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue or having an unsuccessful trip to the dressing room. How many women feel defeated and less confident after all of this? It seems that when it comes to lingerie, it’s been created more for men than for us. It’s time we changed that and one…

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Going Vertical – An Interview With Pole Dancer Jillian Wilschke

We discovered Jillian Wilschke completely by accident – but we’re so glad we did! We stumbled across her pole dancing blog – Pole Geek – and were immediately inspired. Starting pole in 2011, Jillian has now worked her way up to competitive pole dancing while establishing her own fantasy wear line. We caught up with Jillian to talk about the art and stigmas of pole dancing, body image and empowerment – and we couldn’t wait to share her knowledge with all of you! Tell us about yourself! I am a…

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How Abusers Get Away With Murder

I recently spotted this short Upworthy article titled The 4 Terrifying Dating Secrets Abusers Are Counting On You Not Knowing. The article highlights a GIF set from Leslie Morgan Steiner’s TED Talk, “Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave.” In the four GIFs, Steiner is shown saying the following: “I did not know that the first step in any domestic violence relationship is to seduce and charm the victim.” “I also did not know that the second step is to isolate the victim.” “The next step in the domestic violence pattern is…

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