A Pictorial of Allensworth, California: My History, My People, My Legacy (IMAGES)

“Until we reckon with the compounding moral debts of our ancestors, America will never be whole.” – Author unknown This is my contribution to the legacy of my people in this year of 2016, in this month of February as we celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of African Americans in this country. Historical towns founded and colonialized by African Americans is rarely written about or discussed. February is the quintessential month to celebrate, write about, learn and discuss African Americans legacy and contributions to America.   California first African American town…

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Cosmetics Queen Battles Against Skin Bleaching

In the beauty industry so many people are pressured to have flawless skin, look a certain way, get up the employment chain through looks, and the horrible thought process of “looks are everything”. Looks are not everything. The heart and personality of people is what matters the most.  I recently read this article about skin bleaching. It saddened me that people – especially women – in the beauty industry with darker skin tones feel they need to “lighten” or “bleach” their skin to feel more accepted by society. It is very disturbing…

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Teen Petitions for Plus Size Princess

Jewel Moore is an amazing seventeen-year-old girl from Farmville, Virginia with an interesting request for Disney: create a princess with some curves. Through her online petition, Moore hopes to gain enough attention so that Disney will take notice. So far the petition has 27,000 signatures and rising, while there still is no response from Disney on the suggestion. Moore’s argument has a solid case in my opinion. With the introduction of the first African American princess Tiana in the Princess and the Frog in 2009 and 2012’s Brave which depicted…

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Break The Cycle Of Photoshop – ENOUGH With Perfection!

One of the most widespread things in Western society are digitally manipulated pictures. There are photoshopped images of people of every shape, size, ethnicity, sex, and every age. Even celebrities are enduring this and some do not even want it to happen – but the media seems to win. What is even more ridiculous is that the people being retouched are getting younger and younger. This happens way too often and nothing gets done about it! Take my son for instance, he is five. He had his first school photos…

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Debenhams uses a variety of models in its newest Lookbook and the results are amazing

If you know your way around fashion, you’re familiar with the term “Lookbook.” Companies use lookbooks to showcase specific designs or a store’s upcoming seasonal lines. Usually, they’re filled with slim, caucasian models that have been used on runways and the majority of the fashion industry for ages. But Debenhams, a popular U.K.-based store, wants to be known for its enthusiasm for diversity as it is for its fashion-forward clothes. In Debenhams’ recently released High Summer Lookbook, the company made the choice to use models that accurately reflected the diverse population…

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