Why Kim Kardashian Isn’t Empowering

By now we’ve all seen the nude selfie of Kim Kardashian in her bathroom with black bars covering her naked body. And whether you’d like to admit it or not we’ve all seen her naked before at least once either by “accident” or out of curiosity. That’s fine. The female body should be seen as empowering, sensual and most importantly as a work of art that is capable of doing amazing things. We come in all different shapes and sizes, and should learn to love and appreciate the amazing bodies…

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Why We Need To Leave Renée Zellweger’s Face The F*ck Alone

By now, most of us have seen Renée Zellweger’s “facial transformation” that was posted to nearly every website and blog in existence. If you haven’t, this picture refers to what we’re talking about: This response from the media was prompted after Zellweger was seen at the 2014 ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards on Monday night. Once those photos were released, news sources were all over this with “what did she DO to her FACE?!” responses and plastic surgery accusations. I’m not going to deny that this post was originally going to be along…

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Siren Phoenix Osceola: An Interview With A Plus-Size Model

Siren Phoenix Osceola is a professional plus-size model based in Pennsylvania. She’s auditioned for America’s Next Top Model and been voted the 2013 Plus Model of the Year by the New York Fashion Association. Siren has already accomplished so much, but shows no sign of slowing down. Enjoy our interview with her and the breathtaking pictures ahead (she’s even wearing a ‘fat-kini’)!  Tell us about yourself!  My background and experience is in art, business, finance, and retail. When I’m not working I relax with my family, catch up on my…

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Why You Should Be Furious About The Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak

It’s not the first time this has happened, and it unfortunately won’t be the last. Last weekend, an iCloud hack resulted in the release of several nude, sexually suggestive photos of female celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton,  Kirsten Dunst, Lea Michele, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice Mary Elizabeth Winstead, teen Olympian sensation McKayla Maroney, Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevinge, Aubrey Plaza and Mary-Kate Olsen. Since the photo leak appeared on 4chan, the photos have been further distributed despite some of the actress’ reps threatening to take legal action on anyone who takes…

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The Ugly Truth About Abuse

By now everyone’s heard about the abuse claims made against Woody Allen by his and Mia Farrows adopted daughter Dylan. The New York Times published Dylan’s open letter, which recounts the abuse and the aftermath of when she came forward. At the time Allen claimed that Mia Farrow was a jealous ex who concocted the story of abuse to get back at him. After a slew of court cases and investigations, Allen was spared from a legal preceding in 1993 because Dylan was seen as too fragile to testify, even…

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