Early Detection Saves Lives

Within the last six months, my life and the life of my family has been turned upside down. About six months ago, a lump was found in the breast of my mother-in-law. The lump was removed and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy, which will be followed up with radiation. She’s chosen to shave her head and has lost a significant amount of weight. Watching my husband go on the emotional journey of seeing his mother go through this process was heartbreaking. Other than being a place of comfort, there was…

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Why We Need To Leave Renée Zellweger’s Face The F*ck Alone

By now, most of us have seen Renée Zellweger’s “facial transformation” that was posted to nearly every website and blog in existence. If you haven’t, this picture refers to what we’re talking about: This response from the media was prompted after Zellweger was seen at the 2014 ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards on Monday night. Once those photos were released, news sources were all over this with “what did she DO to her FACE?!” responses and plastic surgery accusations. I’m not going to deny that this post was originally going to be along…

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Is Going Gray A Fierce Act of Bravery?

I might be biased, but I loved finding this article on Jezebel. Why biased? I loooovveee gray hair. I think it’s beautiful and I think the changes that come with natural age are really sexy. It’s shocking to see how few women (and men) embrace their natural hair color and its own transformation through the years. I know many adults who have gone gray (or white!) loonnngggg ago and still refuse to let it be known to the outside world. Of course, personal preference for a different hair color is…

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The Aging Project: Year Two

Late 2011, I started what I would like to call “The Aging Project” – an UNRETOUCHED documentary of the human body’s aging process, using myself as the subject (I would LOVE more participants, though!). Rex Maverick Photography helped me out with the project the first year, and as the end of 2012 rolled around, it became time to strip in front of the camera again. So, when I started this project I was 25, which you can compare with my now 26 faces (frowning, neutral, smiling), hands and feet. There…

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The end of the Comparathon

Two days ago, I was doing some research on body-positive blogs and stumbled across Formerly Hot. Created by writer Stephanie Dolgoff (who has contributed to magazines such as Glamour, Self, and O Magazine), to provide a humorous look into the aging experience that women go through. On Formerly Hot, you’ll read great, comical stories about getting older, gaining wisdom with age, and still being super-attractive. It’s a great site that I believe all women could enjoy regardless of age. I wanted to share one article that Stephanie had written called…

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