Take Back The Night: Shatter the silence, stop the violence

On April 25th, I attended my first Take Back The Night (TBTN) event in Philadelphia. A girlfriend of mine had told me about this event and it was right up my alley – a great community event for Beutiful and its message really resonated with me. Take Back The Night is an international call to communities to take a stand against domestic and sexual violence. Before I was guided to this event by a friend, I hadn’t heard of TBTN. So here’s some history: The first documented Take Back The…

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Victoria’s Secret Competition Winner Says She Felt Like a Piece of Meat

Victoria’s Secret Angel Search competition winner, Kylie Bisutti, is releasing an autobiography entitled “I’m No Angel” in which she talks about her experience working for Victoria’s Secret. Kylie reveals that she felt like a piece of meat while she posed in lingerie. She goes on to say that she felt like it wasn’t about the clothing anymore, just about posing provocatively for men and that she felt like that wasn’t honoring her husband. Kylie decided to quit modeling for Victoria’s Secret and with that decision so went her multimillion dollar…

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UFC Athlete Gives Inappropriate Interview

The UFC has been getting a lot of flack lately. Whether it is denying an one-armed undefeated man to compete within the organization or for refusing to allow a transgender woman to compete, people have been voicing their distaste for the organization. Chael Sonnen, a Caucasian UFC fighter, was on ESPN to promote a fight he has coming up against Jon Jones when in the middle of the interview he asked to touch the anchor’s hair. This all seemed harmless so Sage Steele, the African American anchor, leaned her head…

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France Becomes 14th Country to Legalize Marriage Equality!

Félicitations to France for becoming the 14th nation to offer full and equal marriage rights! On Tuesday April 23, less than a week after New Zealand’s declaration, France’s senate passed a marriage equality bill into law with a vote of 331-225. The National Assembly originally supported the bill 329-229 and the Senate passed it with a voice vote. French lovers are happy to note that the law will be effect in just a few months, marking France as the 14th country to legalize marriage equality. In fact, this has been an unprecedented month…

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The War Against Street Harassment

It’s that time of year again folks! Spring has officially sprung, despite winters best efforts to hold on, and it is well past time to put that over-sized, subway-scented coat at the very back of the closet. Or under the bed. Or maybe just burn it. For now is the time of light layers, chic raincoats, and pretty but useless scarves! But with the advantage of lovely weather and lighter layers comes a downside. People are flocking outside, freed from their winter long hibernation, and can be seen everywhere just…

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