Riches, And The Things Money Can Never Buy

It’s easy to forget sometimes all the things we have, when all the things we ‘don’t’ have seem to take up all our mental energy and time. We catch ourselves subconsciously comparing our friend’s lives to ours, houses, material things, and forget about all the beautiful things life has given us. The moments, the families, the loving bonds that truly can’t compare to each other’s experiences because they are unique to each life. I’ve had a few conversations this week with friends who are financially stressed the fuck out. But…

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Women shout out sexism in the music industry

Just a few days ago, Nathaniel Khaleel wrote in an article on Policymag “Women are by and large the most victimized by the music industry, on multiple fronts. The label would lose its mind if a female artist did anything to shatter her image as a femme-fatale or appear anything other than ultra-sexual and provocative. The ubiquitous double standard in regards to sexual behavior is the most obvious example — where men can speak about women in sultry ways and aggrandize their own ego, women must be perceived as powerless and abject…

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Do you have the Face of a Wife? New study suggests such a thing exists

As women of the world, we are all different in many ways – especially our facial features. Does that make us any less qualified to be a wife? No, it does not. However to some new studies, we as women can be determined whether we are “wife material” supposedly just by our facial features. Quite ridiculous I know and yet the study seems to go by what men are attracted to. This comes off to me very stereotypical and completely ignorant. The only thing that should be judged of a…

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Christian School won’t let 12 year old girl play Football

When young girls already endure so much pressure in today’s societal roles, the last thing they need is their own religion dictating what they are capable of. In this specific article it refers to a young girl whom wants nothing more than to be on the boys Football Team of her Christian school. None other than the CEO of the school decided to imply that the boys would have lustrous thoughts and that is why they removed her from the team. This is something that is so cynical and selfish…

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Father to daughter: I’m sorry I used to be a sexist

With Father’s Day taking place earlier this month, I felt this was a valid subject to talk about – perhaps one that many fathers could relate to. Has having a daughter opened your eyes to the sexism and challenges that women are facing, that your daughter will one day face? Mo Ellieithee is a Democratic political consultant in Washington, DC, and was a traveling press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. He is also the father of a three-year old girl. I was the guy who didn’t even notice all…

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