Pope Francis: Who Am I To Judge A Gay Person?

It’s not news that much of the Catholic faith has been excluding of the LGBT community. Although the majority of the general population (53% according to a Gallup poll) has accepted same-sex marriage, religion has been slower to catch on. Those attitudes may be shifting. Recently, Pope Francis issued a comment about homosexuality in the priesthood – specifically, regarding how he would respond to learning that a cleric in his ranks was gay but not sexually active. Previously, Pope Benedict XVI (Pope Francis’ predecessor) barred homosexual men from entering the…

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Our LGBT Pride Month Interview: Roxi Ocasio

We all have amazing people in our lives, and sometimes we don’t have to look any further than our own social circle to find a truly inspiring person with an opinion that should be heard. This month, coincidentally LGBT Pride Month, was huge for LGBT rights and we’ve been really eager to get someone to speak about these developments and what it means for the LGBT community, and society in general. Beutiful’s very own Lauren (you may recognize her name from all her awesome articles and facebook posts) took the time…

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Mormon Family Fights for Son’s LGBT Rights

Frameline 37: the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival being held this weekend features a series of documentaries produced by the Family Acceptance Project. The films will show the journey families of different ethnicity and religious beliefs take to support their children whether they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. One family depicted in the documentary are the Montgomerys. A traditionally Mormon family, the Montgomerys went door to door to raise support for Proposition 8 (a law that would only recognize male/female marriages) in 2008. However, after their son Jordan…

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House of Lords backs UK government plans for same-sex marriage

A few days ago, I’d caught wind that the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was being debated by the House of Lords in the UK. I’m happy to report that the debate is finished and that there is good news! The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was debated for two days, with many members voicing their concerns. Lord Dear insisted that the Same Sex Couples Bill would “completely alter the concept of marriage as we know it” and that the Bill was “ill thought through”, had no democratic legitimacy and was “fatally…

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Magic Johnson Supports the Coming Out of his Son

Retired NBA basketball legend Magic Johnson did an interview recently where he talks about his son EJ coming out publicly for the first time. EJ announced he was gay when gossip site TMZ caught him on the street with his boyfriend walking hand in hand. Johnson shares that he and his wife had known about his son’s sexual orientation since he was 13 years old and have fully supported him. It doesn’t seem like such a newsworthy story for open-minded people, but I think that because our world is still…

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