Paper Clouds Apparel: Supporting artists with special needs

I absolutely love coming in contact with organizations that are doing good! Paper Clouds Apparel (PCA) is an amazing organization that raises funds for special needs schools while showcasing the amazing artistic abilities and creative minds of those with special needs. Something the world could use a little more of, in my opinion! I was lucky enough to link up with Robert Thornton, founder of Paper Clouds Apparel,  as well as the mother of Eli, one of PCA’s young special needs artists!   About Paper Clouds Apparel The idea for…

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TSA Singles out 3 year old in Wheelchair

This story absolutely broke my heart, as do all inappropriate TSA stories do. Lucy is a beautiful three year old girl who suffers from Spina bifida, which confines her to a wheelchair. Lucy and her family were on their way to Disney World from St. Louis when they had their run in with the TSA. After having already gone through security the family was pulled to the side so Lucy and her wheelchair could be further inspected. TSA took her stuffed animal away from her and began to examine her…

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Rochester 8th grader with Down syndrome becomes overnight sensation with 3-point shots

One of the best stories I’ve come across in a while…Truly touching to think that if given the chance and opportunity, that we could be capable of so much more if we look past our limitations and strive for greatness. Owen Groesser, an 8th grader with Down Syndrome that was able to score three-pointers during his school’s basketball game is a hero and inspiration. This proves that we cannot judge what others are capable of…we have to give them the opportunity to show us. Here’s the amazing story as reported…

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Waiter sticks up for boy with Down Syndrome

Michael Garcia, a waiter at a Houston based restaurant, is being knighted as a hero for sticking up for a family who has a son with down syndrome. Michael heard a customer complaining that young Milo should be “special” somewhere else. The customer in question moved his family to another table and continued to make fun of Milo in front of his children. Garcia was outraged and refused to serve the family, they’re response was to leave. Michael could have lost his job for standing up for Milo, but thankfully…

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