Suit Urself: Body image, fashion and disabilities

Last week, we posted an article called “Are we leaving men out?” in regards to body image. I want to talk about another huge demographic that is basically invisible when it comes to body image, much less media and advertisement. Let’s discuss disabilities. People with disabilities are dehumanized in our culture. People with disabilities are America’s largest minority population, yet the only model of disability is a medical one. Entire industries serve the medical needs of people with disabilities. Durable medical goods are produced to meet their medical needs, pharmaceutical industries…

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UNICEF Calls for End to Discrimination Against Children With Disabilities

In today’s world, I question why so many people still discriminate anyone with disabilities – especially children. Children are precious souls and in this day and age it is still hard to swallow that some of them are shunned from their own people when found and diagnosed with disabilities in some countries. From a religious/spiritual perspective, “We are all God’s Children” (keep in mind I am an open-minded individual) – which means only our maker can judge. I have a difficult time understanding why people try to dictate disabled people’s right…

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Disabled woman sparks sexual revolution

I’m not stating anything new by saying there is a huge deficit in the media, advertising, cinema, fashion – basically everywhere – of disabled bodies being represented. They are not seen as capable, and especially not sexual. There are often overlooked. That’s why I think “Ecstacy of A Cripple,” a photography-based project between photographer/artist Thomas Dodd and Jocelyn Woods, the model (who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy) is so fantastic and worth supporting. “Ecstacy of A Cripple” will be comprised of nude and semi-nude photographs fashioned to portray sensuality…

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Paper Clouds Apparel: Supporting artists with special needs

I absolutely love coming in contact with organizations that are doing good! Paper Clouds Apparel (PCA) is an amazing organization that raises funds for special needs schools while showcasing the amazing artistic abilities and creative minds of those with special needs. Something the world could use a little more of, in my opinion! I was lucky enough to link up with Robert Thornton, founder of Paper Clouds Apparel,  as well as the mother of Eli, one of PCA’s young special needs artists!   About Paper Clouds Apparel The idea for…

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TSA Singles out 3 year old in Wheelchair

This story absolutely broke my heart, as do all inappropriate TSA stories do. Lucy is a beautiful three year old girl who suffers from Spina bifida, which confines her to a wheelchair. Lucy and her family were on their way to Disney World from St. Louis when they had their run in with the TSA. After having already gone through security the family was pulled to the side so Lucy and her wheelchair could be further inspected. TSA took her stuffed animal away from her and began to examine her…

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