Things parents forget to tell their children about their bodies

Don’t forget to check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine! I found this list on Tumblr (unfortunately couldn’t find a working link back to the original source) but I thought it was great and wanted to post it. There is a lot of misinformation as well as a lack of information about bodily functions, sexual functions and general body awareness given to young kids. I find it unfortunate because if children and teens were more educated about their changing bodies and the large spectrum of what is normal instead of the…

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The Beyond Beauty Campaign

I love finding blogs and campaigns similar to what Beutiful is promoting – and when it comes to body image and self-acceptance, new ones are being created every day! I met Amina Chinnell-Mateen through the Beutiful facebook page and learned of her Beyond Beauty Campaign (BBC). Upon visiting the BBC facebook page and website, I knew for sure that I had to share more information about it. BBC’s mission is to promote and encourage the values of self value and worth to show what true beauty is. I strongly suggest…

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Libero Network: Healthy vs. Complusive Exercise and Fitspiration

Check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine! As a former compulsive exerciser, I found this article by Libero Network very useful. When I was first starting to correct my unhealthy eating and exercising habits, there was a lot of confusing information out there – an article like this would have helped tremendously. In our society, we’re bombarded with extreme and conflicting messages about fitness and health…it’s difficult to weed through the marketing and get down to what is healthy in reality. This article was written by guest author Jodie, who is…

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The Nu Project: Celebrating women of all shapes and sizes

I had stumbled across “The Nu Project” a few years ago and was absolutely floored by the concept and beauty of the photography. Created by photographer Matt Blum and his wife Katy, a project that began in 2005 now encompasses over 150 women! I’m so happy to see this project getting mainstream attention! Article by the Daily Mail. Don’t forget to check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine! In a world where women are bombarded with Photoshopped images of supermodels in magazines and perfectly sculpted specimens on the runway, one photographer…

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Anorexia and Bulimia in Blind Women

This is a really interesting article – by Tetyana for There are many studies that show the direct correlation between images used in the media, self-esteem and eating disorders. Vogue is one of the magazine that is actually trying to use healthier models – which is great. However, will this really fix the problem? Tetyana examines the other factors that can contribute to an eating disorder by providing case studies of women that were visually impaired/blind. This article is definitely worth reading. Don’t forget to check out our Body…

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