30+ Ways Body Positivity Could Change Your Life For The Better (IMAGES)

Megan Crabbe, the kind soul¬†behind the body positive movement @Bodiposipanda on Instagram, is a body image expert that discovered the movement through her own journey with an eating disorder and negative body image. Anyone who has battled an eating disorder or low self esteem knows that even if you have been body positive for years, every day is not a good body positivity day – especially when you are trying to help others stay uplifted in a society that continuously brings them down! Megan found herself having a “bad bopo…

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Modeling Agency Looks for Talent Outside of Eating Disorder Treatment Center

A rehab center for eating disorders should be a private place where patients get the much-needed care and skills to lead a normal life. The largest Swiss rehab center accepts some of the sickest patients, those who need to be hospitalized because they are so thin. Unfortunately, they’ve had to deal with an usual issue when it comes to patient aftercare. Agents from top model companies have been lurking outside of the Swiss rehab in order to gain new clients. The agents approach the young girls and hand them a…

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Libero Network: Healthy vs. Complusive Exercise and Fitspiration

Check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine! As a former compulsive exerciser, I found this article by Libero Network very useful. When I was first starting to correct my unhealthy eating and exercising habits, there was a lot of confusing information out there – an article like this would have helped tremendously. In our society, we’re bombarded with extreme and conflicting messages about fitness and health…it’s difficult to weed through the marketing and get down to what is healthy in reality. This article was written by guest author Jodie, who is…

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The Nu Project: Celebrating women of all shapes and sizes

I had stumbled across “The Nu Project” a few years ago and was absolutely floored by the concept and beauty of the photography. Created by photographer Matt Blum and his wife Katy, a project that began in 2005 now encompasses over 150 women! I’m so happy to see this project getting mainstream attention! Article by the Daily Mail. Don’t forget to check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine! In a world where women are bombarded with Photoshopped images of supermodels in magazines and perfectly sculpted specimens on the runway, one photographer…

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Recovery Record: an app for those in recovery from eating disorders

Have you ever heard of Recovery Record? Among the thousands of apps available to the public, few actually have a purpose and enrich the life of the user. Recovery Record is simply amazing (and free!) and would definitely be useful for someone recovering from an eating disorder. The app allows the user to track their progress as well as record how they’re feeling and certain behaviors – allowing them to see their patterns and take control of their health. Very worthwhile! Don’t forget to check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine!…

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