Plastic surgeon sculpts and marries his perfect woman

This article has been making its rounds on the internet recently, and I can see why. Plastic surgeon David Matlock has created his ideal woman, and married her. David met Veronica during a consultation for a vaginoplasty procedure, which David is quote well-known for (he rocketed his Los Angeles Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute  to fame on “Dr. 90210”). David described the experience as “Love at first sight.” Or maybe not, because David quickly persuaded Veronica to get his “Wonder Woman Makeover”, which entails liposuction on the chin, arms and thighs…

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20 year old model photographed to be 10-60 with photography, styling and makeup tricks

I stumbled across this article about Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik today by complete accident, but I’m glad I did. The article dates back to 2008, but it’s so relevant in a time where celebrities in their mid-twenties are casted to play teenagers in films and if you’re over 30, you’re not supposed to look it. Things like this give everyday people abnormal expectations about what they’re supposed to look like at every stage in their lives. What interested me was the photo series, which appeared in Vogue Paris. The series…

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The Child Abuse Ad Only Children Can See

“Sólo para niños” (“Only for children”) is a unique new advertisement campaign from The ANAR Foundation. The ANAR Foundation is a Spain based organization aimed at providing help for children and adolescents at risk of abuse.  The foundation manages an anonymous hotline (contact number 116 111) for minors in need. The foundation worked to find a way to best relay their print ad so that child victims of abuse will see the number and call them, even when accompanied by their abuser, who may attempt to shield them from help….

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Mountain Dew’s RACIST New Commercial

Mountain Dew recently released  its third installment of their commercial campaign,  designed in part by the misogynistic and homophobic Tyler the Creator and his evil spawn, Odd Future. I’m seriously at a loss with this one folks. It’s so high up in the “what were they thinking?!” category that you wonder if it’s all just a bad dream. Let’s break it down and try and see why ON EARTH anyone would consider this commercial suitable to air. First, we begin with the sounds of a jail cell and a lineup…

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Nike Selling Tasteless Shirts After Tragedy

Yahoo ran a rather disgusting article about Nike recently selling t-shirts in their stores that read Boston Massacre. According to the article, the shirt is meant to reference the rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees baseball teams. However, the article referred to our nation as being “hypersensitive, easily-offended crybabies” and added that “your grandkids will be wearing 9/11-inspired gear that’s really going to tick you off.” What are they trying to get at? Why insult people while trying to inform them of a poor judgement…

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