The 2015 Guide To Gratitude

Last year, just before the holiday season, I found myself going through a “quarter-life crisis.” I had recently quit my job, and was feeling really isolated, living an ocean away from my closest friends and hours away from my family. Not many people knew how miserable I was, because on paper, everything looked excellent. I had been living in New York for two years – before quitting I had a steady and fairly well paying job, and I had finally found a lovely stable home in Queens in an adorable…

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5 Ways To Make 2015 Better

Every year we make resolutions – promises that we will be a better version of ourselves in the new year. Some people make their resolutions stick for a short while and others get so intoxicated on New Year’s Eve that they don’t even remember them. Challenge yourself with these steps and life will be so much more enjoyable. Not worrying about what the world thinks of you and being secure in yourself is the key to a happy life. Below is a list of five steps you can take to…

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Siren Phoenix Osceola: An Interview With A Plus-Size Model

Siren Phoenix Osceola is a professional plus-size model based in Pennsylvania. She’s auditioned for America’s Next Top Model and been voted the 2013 Plus Model of the Year by the New York Fashion Association. Siren has already accomplished so much, but shows no sign of slowing down. Enjoy our interview with her and the breathtaking pictures ahead (she’s even wearing a ‘fat-kini’)!  Tell us about yourself!  My background and experience is in art, business, finance, and retail. When I’m not working I relax with my family, catch up on my…

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The Ugly Truth About Abuse

By now everyone’s heard about the abuse claims made against Woody Allen by his and Mia Farrows adopted daughter Dylan. The New York Times published Dylan’s open letter, which recounts the abuse and the aftermath of when she came forward. At the time Allen claimed that Mia Farrow was a jealous ex who concocted the story of abuse to get back at him. After a slew of court cases and investigations, Allen was spared from a legal preceding in 1993 because Dylan was seen as too fragile to testify, even…

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Enjoying Valentine’s Day No Matter What

Today is Valentine’s day, and I’m finding there’s a great divide of couples vs. singles. It’s either spending $40 on roses that would otherwise cost ten, or it’s ‘Fuck Valentine’s Day!’ What about finding an in between? I remember being in elementary school, and going through my little box of Valentine’s to give out. Each one chosen specifically for each person, and of course, saving the best one for the boy I had a crush on. Whoever it was that week. I miss those days where there weren’t mass amounts…

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