Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2015: September 21-25

Weight stigma and bias is something that permeates our culture, but is rarely ever spoken about like other forms of discrimination like racism, sexism and homophobia. The subject is so ignored, that many people don’t even know what weight stigma is. According to Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA), weight stigma is: “Bullying, teasing, negative body language, harsh comments, discrimination or prejudice based on a person’s body size or weight.” Once it’s clearly defined, you might recognize yourself as a victim of this sort of stigma. It is an important topic that…

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SmartPlate: The Meal Tracker Transforming Weight And Nutrition Management

I used to be someone who obsessively counted calories yet had no idea what true nutrition was and what my body needed – and I had no way of calculating any of this. After all, it’s far easier to just count calories than calculate and track all of your proteins, carbs, sodium, etc individually! Fortunately, now we are spared the agony of old-school meal/nutrition planning that existed before meal tracking technology existed. One product on my radar is the SmartPlate, which is going to revolutionize the way weight management and special nutrition needs are approached. The…

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What I’ve Learned About Human Behavior From Children With Autism

Five things I’ve learned working as Behavioral Interventionist for Children with Autism have changed my mental and physical health for the better – and I want to share them with you. 1) Identify the triggers. Breakdowns happen to all of us. Sometimes far too often. Identifying the triggers of when and how these happen is a huge step in lessening the degree to which they happen. In my readings on Autism, this is a huge point that is constantly trying to be made. What causes the unwanted behavior? What times…

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Early Detection Saves Lives

Within the last six months, my life and the life of my family has been turned upside down. About six months ago, a lump was found in the breast of my mother-in-law. The lump was removed and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy, which will be followed up with radiation. She’s chosen to shave her head and has lost a significant amount of weight. Watching my husband go on the emotional journey of seeing his mother go through this process was heartbreaking. Other than being a place of comfort, there was…

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Peace, Love and Food: A New Way To Start Loving Your Body

Through our Facebook page, I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Cyndi Springford, the founder of Love Your Body Project: Peace, Love and Food! Cyndi is ACE/AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Certified Running Coach, Certified Eating Psychology Coach with training from the following organizations:,,, Having worked in the fitness industry since 1993, her unique background in eating psychology and her own unique journey with food, I felt Cyndi was someone whose words would really resonate with all of you. This is a fantastic post from her blog, Cyndi Lou Running. …

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