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Suit Urself: The benefits of body acceptance

This entire summer, the Suit Urself Swimsuit Challenge has been all about body acceptance. We wrote about why body image challenges are important and the endless ways that bad body image and low self-esteem hold you back. This week, we want to show you what you’ll gain when you lose the negative feelings toward your body! Body image is the mental representation we create of what we think we look like; which may or may not bear a close relation to how others actually see us. It is subject to…

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Suit Urself: Are we leaving men out?

We’ve been having a great time doing the Suit Urself Swimsuit Challenge this summer! It’s a great time for women to start accepting themselves in general…with so many body-positive movements and powerful women speaking out against the media and championing the individual woman’s right to love whatever body she has. There’s so much momentum in this healthier way of living and thinking. I can’t wait to see where it takes us in a few years’ time! However, I wish things were moving as quickly for men. Body image isn’t just…

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Suit Urself: Meet the Fat-shionistas

The Suit Urself Swimsuit Challenge is still going strong (check out our gallery)! For this week’s Suit Urself post, it’s important to give credit where it’s due. Supporting the body-positive movement, there have been a few key players who are making waves. Meet the fat-shionistas! Perhaps the biggest push for body acceptance was the coming of the “fatkini.” Larger women have struggled to find swimsuits that flattered their figures and wouldn’t subject them to wearing unfashionable one-pieces for a long time. The fatkini changed that, and you should know who the woman…

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Suit Urself: How to deal with body-snarking and judgmental comments

Is it August already?! Month one of the Suit Urself Swimsuit Challenge is complete, and we’ve gotten some amazing participation (check out our gallery)! Last week, we talked about the OTHER things we fret over (body hair, acne, scars, birthmarks, etc.) when it comes to body-baring in “It’s not just about size.” Over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting lots of feel-good information on how to get on better terms with your body and rev up the confidence. The only problem is, the only person you can improve is…

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Suit Urself: It’s not just about size

Summer is moving right along! I first want to thank all the amazing and brave women who’ve been submitting their swimsuit pictures – our gallery is beginning to take shape now! Last week we did an article on how to get a beach body. This week, we’re acknowledging that stripping down for the summer isn’t just about size. For women especially, there is just no end to the way we criticize ourselves, and the way others are willing to place judgment as well. When it comes to showing more skin,…

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