Being touched shouldn’t create anxiety, but when you suffer from a skin condition like eczema things are different.

About a year and a half ago, I started to learn how to dance salsa. I love to dance, and it was something I had wanted to try for years. I loved every second of learning the moves and music, spinning around, and meeting new people – but if you’ve ever suffered with eczema or another chronic skin condition, you know that none of these blissful moments can be carefree. As soon as I had to take someone’s hand to dance, anxiety would sweep over me and I would be caught up in a whirlwind of thoughts. More than anything, I would be wishing I had found the cure for eczema.

So many things would be racing through my head. I would be thinking things like:

“Can he feel how dry my hands are?”

“How rough is my skin?”

“Is my new eczema lotion working?”

“Is my skin still moisturized?”

Anyone familiar with eczema knows the feeling. And this wasn’t even my first go-around with eczema. I had suffered from eczema on and off throughout my entire life, but this time seemed permanent.

See, myself and my two sisters had eczema when we were babies. I fortunately grew out of it for many years, but it came back with the stress of college (hooray – eczema LOVES stress). I graduated with my Bachelor’s in 2007, and the eczema patches on my hands and arms still wouldn’t go away!

Now, as an advocate of self-love and body positivity, I accepted eczema as a part of who I was. Sure, I tried different eczema lotions, creams, and moisturizers, but I didn’t let my eczema bother me too much. I always challenged myself to accept my flaws (I even refused to wear any makeup on my skin while I struggled with acne for a few years).

But as the years went on, my eczema kept getting worse and more noticeable.

My skin was bleeding. It was painfully dry. Washing my hands was torturous.

And perhaps, this was the most damaging part:

I felt sad and almost ashamed whenever my boyfriend would try to hold my hand.

cure for eczema

In 2017, the eczema on my hands thickened and spread. When it had first started out as a little patch on my right ring finger years ago, now it had spread to both palms and there was no hiding or avoiding it. There was no hiding it from my partners when I went salsa dancing, and there was no hiding from my boyfriend, friends, or in my professional life. There’s always someone’s hand that needs to be shaken, right?

I went to the beach that year, and my friends kept asking me what was wrong with my hands because they were scratched raw, irritated, and the skin was bleeding. The fact that we had to keep on applying suntan lotion didn’t help my skin, either. My skin was ANGRY. I vowed that when I got back from the beach, I would do something about it.

I finally did, and I accidentally found the cure for eczema in the process. In September, I decided I was going to find a dermatologist and figure this eczema thing out once and for all.

I was fed up. I just wanted to be normal.

Here’s a picture of of my right and left hand, when an eczema flare-up had finally calmed down (even though it still looks angry).

eczema on hand eczema on hand

Yes, despite all the self-love and empowerment I had been trying to give myself, the eczema was taking its toll on my confidence and the discomfort, pain, and itchiness was becoming a major distraction to my everyday life. I needed to do something.

I wasn’t excited or hopeful about seeing a dermatologist  – I just didn’t know what else to do. I had been to dermatologists for eczema before and their creams and lotions were not only gross, greasy, messy, and never absorbed, but THEY DIDN’T WORK. But I had nowhere else to turn, so I was willing to seek professional help. Maybe they could give me steroids or something.

But luckily, I didn’t have to go that far.

I knew that getting a dermatologist would mean several $60 copays and expensive treatments. I wasn’t happy about it. So in a last-ditch effort to find the cure for eczema myself, I decided to search for eczema creams on Amazon.

I really wish I had thought of this years ago.

I’m a big believer in reading Amazon product reviews, and I looked through a few until I found Silvercell’s Eczema Lotion. It was less than $8 and had raving reviews. While there are many eczema products on Amazon, what attracted me to this one was the heartfelt reviews from the people who had found relief, peace, and comfort from this eczema cream. Their “before” photos and testimonies sounded just like what I was suffering from – and anyone who has suffered from eczema knows just how relatable this condition is.

I was skeptical but hopeful. I was THIS close to throwing hundreds of dollars away on expensive, time consuming dermatologist appointments, so I figured why not try this $8 tube of eczema cream as a last attempt to fix the issue myself? What did I have to lose? My situation was already pretty hopeless, right? One more disappointment couldn’t hurt.

Well, I was the best decision I’d ever made for my skin.

I have yet to post my review on Amazon, but you’d better believe that I’m going to. When my lotion came in the mail 2 days later, I couldn’t wait to put it on. The eczema cream has a yellow tint, but you can’t see it after you rub it into your skin. The smell is pleasant, too – herbal and menthol-ish! The thing I love most about the eczema lotion is that it absorbs FAST (no greasy residue), it doesn’t come off, and it actually moisturizes for hours.

The first day I put it on, I didn’t see much of an improvement in my eczema, but my hands and dry patches felt WAY better. I didn’t have to keep re-applying because my hands actually felt moisturized for once (suck it, Aveeno!) The second day, I noticed I hadn’t had any itching and that the redness on my eczema patches had reduced significantly. I kept applying the lotion.

On the third day, I knew I had found something special.

I had found the cure to eczema – completely by accident. It was my one last desperate attempt. I couldn’t believe it! My eczema was GONE and I FINALLY remembered what my skin was supposed to feel like, how it felt ten years ago. It’s a feeling I never take for granted now.

It’s been months since I discovered Silvercell’s eczema cream, and I still use it every now and then whenever I get a flare-up. The flare-ups have become less frequent and my eczema cream is able to stop it from progressing right away and make it go away again. This stuff is amazing!

cure for eczema cure for eczema

I am proud to say that now I can go dancing without giving my hands a second thought. I can hold my boyfriend’s hand without worrying. He has even remarked how soft my hands are now.

I don’t want anyone to keep suffering when I know there is a cure for eczema. I’ve told my sister and friends who suffer from skin conditions about my cure for eczema, and they’ve also seen great results with this eczema lotion. I was inspired to write this post because I recently told my little sister about this eczema cream, as I noticed she was having an awful flare-up during Christmas. It pained me to see her like that. She has purchased the eczema lotion and she’s reported that she’s having the same great results! My sister, who has been seeing dermatologists all her life for eczema, told me on Facebook:

“This stuff works faster than what they give me and isn’t goopy. I’m cancelling my upcoming appointment. I have 2 1/2 tubes left but I just ordered 8 lol.”

Words can’t describe how great that makes me feel, to know that a loved one is going to be free of a condition she’s suffered from her entire life. To know that such a problematic condition DOES have a cure, and that it’s so inexpensive and accessible. So now, I’m passing this on to everyone I know (and you!) because I know how frustrating eczema is.

I know the toll it can take on your confidence and lifestyle.

You don’t have to live like this. And it’s time to get your life back, honey. Please try it out – what do you have to lose? Let me know if you’ve had success in the comments below!

Featured image via Naomi August / Unsplash

This post was NOT written in affiliation with Silvercell and we have not been given free product for this review. This article is the 100% expression of the writer’s views, from her own experience with eczema and the product. Beutiful may receive a small affiliate fee from purchase via the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

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