I am doing what I’ve needed to do for a long time: delete my Facebook account. Social networking has been around for some time now but it also has either taken over lives or just completely ruined lives. It used to be a place where you could go and find new friends or even reunite with old friends and such. Now it has become a constant disrupt for people’s lives – including the updates and the drama. Social networks are nice in my eyes for one thing only and that is to stay connected with friends that live very far away as in other states or other countries. That is it. In the beginning that was all I wanted to be on Facebook for. Then it got to a point where I uploaded photos or I updated my status. I would read countless posts of others on the newsfeed and begin to wither away trying to keep myself sane while at the same time I was feeling insane for the constant need to feel some social interaction. Facebook dislike The social interaction felt more like I was doing the hellos and the open arms to help, but when I took a step back it rarely was reciprocated. Not that I expect people to cater to me or that I feel I am the most important thing on this planet. It’s not that, but it is about the same thing that many of us desire in our real lives outside of the technical and digital world. Real friends to take the time to go off with and seem genuinely enthused. At my age I don’t even know what it is like to have that circle of friends to go off and do things with. I never had that. So back to the point: Instead I got stuck with the ones that enjoyed my feedback, comments, advice, and everything else but would never reciprocate. This goes to say that sometimes, social networking sites do nothing but bring some individuals’ self esteem down more. In so many ways it is a nuisance instead of a great Social Networking site. At least for me, the beginning to a new year was to delete my account as I did today. I even posted about it on my status as I only heard from two individuals that already had my other contact info to keep in touch. That goes to show me that once again social networking sites do nothing good but bring one down. You start to see more who your true friends are and who just want to have a popularity contest. The same social loner you are in real life is the same social loner you realize you are in the digital world. I think I can do without all that. I was never obsessed but I think I relied too much on Facebook to help me stay connected to people or gain friends who I thought would appreciate a friend like me. Boy was I wrong, and when I really think about it I would rather be the loner that I am because I know who the true people are in my life and who my few true friends are. As I always said I would rather have one true friend than ten backstabbing friends. Facebook can be two-faced program in the digital world – bringing people down even more when I thought Social class was over in High School. Thank you Facebook for that insight, because it made me see that I deserve better than that.