6C8140886-tdy-130703-real-barbie-1.blocks_desktop_mediumNickolay Lamm is the artist behind the “Normal Barbie”, a doll with the measurements of an average 19 year old that went viral last year. Now it seems that Lamm has much bigger plans for the inspirational doll. Amazed by how much attention he received for the “Normal Barbie”, he has decided to put actual development of the doll into motion. Lamm had hoped to raise $95,000 to create 5,000 of the dolls, which he has named Lammily. Since creating the online funding account Lamm has raised $189,539. Thousands of people have already pre-ordered the Lammily doll in anticipation of it’s release in November. It looks like Barbie may have some competition. Barbie-Sports_Illustrated-02f9fLammily couldn’t come at a better time. Barbie isn’t doing to well publicly or financially. After appearing on Sports Illustrated’s infamous swimsuit edition, Mattel received loads of backlash for this and even published a blog by Barbie where she says “Be free to launch a career in a swimsuit, lead a company while gorgeous, or wear pink to an interview at MIT. The reality of today is that girls can go anywhere and be anything. They should celebrate who they are and never have to apologize for it.” After Sports Illustrated’s release, there are reports that monthly earnings were low. While Mattel likes to back their claim that Barbie doesn’t hinder girls in any way, a new study from Oregon University says differently. After playing with a Barbie for five minutes little girls felt less ambitious about their future, while girls who played with Mrs. Potato Head were more ambitious. With all the studies that show girls are body conscience at younger ages, it’s time for a change in the way dolls look. While I understand that Barbie is just a toy, I feel the image she portrays doesn’t help little girls in any way. There should be a variety in all of the characters that children see. Different body types and ethnicities should be represented so that children can become more accepting and comfortable with who they are. It would be great to see Lamm’s idea expanded upon, with the creation of other types of dolls representing ethnicities and body types. I think the Lammily doll is a fantastic idea and I plan on getting one for my future daughter. Source: TimeFastCompany