Note: Due to the intensity of emotions I felt about this issue at hand it actually took me quite some time to write. There are still no other words to describe how I felt but complete disgust that people let this happen to innocent children around the World. Upon reading this Article it became very apparent to me that in many parts of the world people do have misconceptions that no mother would sell their child off for anything in the world – not for money, not for anything. Yet to read about these mothers who needed the money and sold off their daughters, their blood, the very life they brought into the world to be pawned off as sex slaves is sickening to me. I cannot even describe my emotions. I cried the first time I read about the girls that were sold off. How could anyone do that to their child? How can people live with themselves knowing they gave their child’s life away for money or material possessions? Some of these girls were very young. That’s not the point. It should have never happened. This should NEVER happen. Kieu, Sephak and Toha are three girl of many whom had to endure things they should of never had to endure at all in their lives. Their stories of strength, courage, determination to hang in there through all they endured is a reminder to many that children need to be loved and protected more than they are in this world. In their Country of Cambodia many children are not fortunate getting the protection they deserve as the Article states:

 “Weak law enforcement, corruption, grinding poverty and the fractured social institutions left by the country’s turbulent recent history have helped earn Cambodia an unwelcome reputation for child trafficking, say experts. UNICEF estimates that children account for a third of the 40,000-100,000 people in the country’s sex industry.”  “Whatever the profile of the perpetrator, the abuse they inflict on their victims, both girls and boys, is horrific. Trafficked children in Cambodia have been subjected to rape by multiple offenders, filmed performing sex acts and left with physical injuries — not to mention psychological trauma — from their ordeals, according to research.”  “The country’s child protection infrastructure is weak, with government institutions riven with corruption. Cambodia’s anti-trafficking law does not even permit police to conduct undercover surveillance on suspected traffickers. General Pol Phie They, the head of Cambodia’s anti-trafficking taskforce set up in 2007 to address the issue, says this puts his unit at a disadvantage against traffickers.” [source]

One of the mothers of the girls said:

“I know that I did wrong so I feel regret about it, but what can I do? We cannot move back to the past.” [source]

I cannot understand how this mother could state what she said. Her daughter has to live the rest of her life knowing her mother basically let these horrible things happen to her and all because they needed the money. No ounce of me feels any sympathy or anything for anyone who lets things like this happen to their own child. Personally those women should be charged to the highest degree the same as any pedophile/child molester. No money in this world is worth it. It is sad how in some countries it is difficult for them to get by but it is also that way in many other countries as well but to go as far as harming these children and putting them in situations they do not need to be in, I am speechless. In my eyes the mothers of these girls don’t deserve anything. I hope they live the rest of their lives in guilt and fear because it won’t even amount to the pain and suffering their daughters went through. As for the girls I hope they will be able to get on their feet even more as the future passes along and spread awareness. I wish them love and comfort and hope they know they will overcome everything they endured and they are stronger than they know. Please spread awareness and put an end to child sex trafficking. It needs to END. You can read more about each of the girls stories here.