happiness-heart-sunset copyIt’s easy to forget sometimes all the things we have, when all the things we ‘don’t’ have seem to take up all our mental energy and time. We catch ourselves subconsciously comparing our friend’s lives to ours, houses, material things, and forget about all the beautiful things life has given us. The moments, the families, the loving bonds that truly can’t compare to each other’s experiences because they are unique to each life. I’ve had a few conversations this week with friends who are financially stressed the fuck out. But what I like to remind them, and myself during these times is that if we wanted another life, I truly believe we would have it. This is the path we’ve chosen, and whatever ‘luxuries’ we seem to not have, or that others seem to have, they don’t compare to living a life that is right for us, right now in this moment. I called my mother this evening, as I do nearly everyday, ranting about life stresses, what’s bothering me, did I do this right, did I make the right choice on that, and mid conversation realized, the fact that I even have a mother to call, is a blessing. The fact that I can tell her anything, at anytime, and be supported 100% in my decision and choices, is worth a billion bucks. Period. In a breath, I let whatever was bugging me go. Because I won’t for a second waste energy being sad about something I don’t have, when I am so blessed for the things I do have. No amount of money can buy a phone conversation with my mother, or a coffee with my dad, or a laugh with my brother over childhood cartoons. Those are what I will remember 50 years from now. And I guarantee I will look back and smile at any small things that are bugging me now, and miss the days where my best friend and I sometimes scrounge up all the pennies we have to go for what we call ‘fancy’ coffees. One of which I look forward to having tomorrow. These are the moments you cherish. These are the blessings. Those magical in-between times ARE your life, and in fact aren’t in-between at all. When you remind yourself of what life has given you, and truly breathe in gratitude, your heart becomes lighter. The load itself becomes lighter. So try to spend less time worried about the things you don’t have, and try to see them as gaps that have given you space for another blessing. A different kind of moment. Maybe a more memorable, noteworthy one.