20131117_145025 Last weekend as I was with my Family at Toys-R-Us, my husband brought to my attention a very wonderful product: The Moxie Girlz and Moxie Boyz True Hope Dolls. Not only was I surprised, but I was immediately overwhelmed with a feeling of bliss because I never have in all my years seen dolls that were created to make children feel better about themselves and to support cancer research. This is a wonderful thing that little girls and boys need to see – or anyone suffering from cancer for that matter. An inspiring doll that has no hair and is just as cute and fashionable as other dolls in the stores! I think things like this are not taken as seriously by the stores because these dolls were not in eye’s view. They deserve more recognition and advertisement – these dolls were toward a back aisle facing a wall instead of facing the other aisles so people could see them. Honestly, it infuriated me inside. If I was the CEO or higher-up in the store at the time, I would have made it mandatory that these dolls were placed in eye’s view instead of some of the other toys chosen to more visible. Still, I felt elated and took a photo of the dolls. I hope that many of you reading this will view the photo of the dolls and spread the word. So many children going through cancer need the support. They need to know that they are beautiful, too – through hair loss and all! They need all the support they can get and HOPE! These dolls may help with that – they’re very inspiring and not acknowledged enough by society. Maybe if companies would promote toys that support causes and inspire children and people, hope will be more than a word – it would be lived. Help support cancer research! A portion from the sale of this doll is being donated to the City of Hope.