In each part of the world there are people that seem to amaze us, inspire us no matter the challenges they may be facing. In this instance we have an inspiring story of a woman named Barbie Thomas that overcame the loss of her arms at an early age and proved to the world that nothing would stop her. I came across this story at a time I think I needed it most. Matter of fact sometimes we all need to hear a story like this. No way am I a self centered conceited individual but I have my own hardships to bear just as anyone. I always say there are people worse off and that’s what keeps me going. However hearing stories such as this that can be so inspiring is what we all need at times because then we realize we can overcome our own hurdles. If not, then at least we try. That’s what matters in the end. barbie-thomas_0Barbie Thomas is one of those “Nothing will knock me down” personas. No one expected her to live and today she is a competitive body builder and model. Don’t tell her “she can’t” because she will prove you otherwise. She has stated:

“I was not allowed to be negative and say I can’t do something. I was always taught to focus on what I can do, not what I can’t do.”

 With that said she continued on to do a dance routine and made sixth place at the North American Championships in the Junior nationals. Through years of people doubting her and saying she would be affected in the worst possible ways the rest of her life-she persevered. She shined through. Of course there were triumphs, years of Therapy to help her adapt but she did more than adapt – she defied all odds. There were popular fitness magazines she enjoyed reading about Fitness competitions and with the encouragement of one of her friends she would soon be on her way to future healing. She went with it and in 2003 began to prove those doubting her wrong and kept on moving along. A man who runs NPC Miles Productions once made a harsh judgmental comment, but it only made Barbie Thomas even more thirsty. He said: At one of the shows I said without pulling any punches, ‘It’s hard to win when you don’t have upper extremities.’ The judges look at symmetry. She got a fire in the belly and said, ‘Don’t tell me I can’t win. I’ll use that to motivate me.’ … She did make me eat my words.” Barbie Thomas loves the challenge and knowing that what she does impacts people around her in some way. She has also stated:

I realize it inspires many people, and not just those with physical challenges,” she said. “Follow your dreams and keep pushing and where there is a will, there is a way. We all have our own stuff to deal with and our own limitations and handicaps. Mine are just more visible. There’s always someone else out there who has it worse.”

This story touched my heart because there are so many people out there with self doubt or the negative notion in their minds that they cannot do it when they CAN. With enough will power and determination we all are capable of so much more than we even give ourselves credit for. I am not sure if Barbie opened your eyes but she helped open mine and show that no matter the disability, no matter how long it takes you, no matter the past, or any obstacles in life if you at least go out there and try you will see you are NOT a failure. Even if you don’t make it at least you tried and for that you should be proud. Barbie Thomas tried and look at her now! Source: ABC News