Miley Cyrus VMAs In every moment of life, we each go through phases and for some these phases are a real issue, an excuse, or a cry for attention. The once profound and talented singer Miley Cyrus has turned her outlandish ways into a theatrical performance many will not forget at the VMA’s recently. Not only is it appalling but what does society consider appropriate anymore idol-wise? Much has changed over the years and I am not sure if it is people embracing things more and being more laid back in society but there are fine lines. Miley Cyrus, and many other young singers have crossed that line. We are not looking at “public image” but we ARE looking at how these artists are being idolized by young people. Whether it’s boys or girls, what message are some of these artists sending and how can they consider themselves idols with such mannerisms? This is what part of an article on Today stated about her performance:

“During her risque act, MTV’s cameras panned the audience, and some of the reactions were priceless. Rapper Drake was caught looking down at the floor. Rihanna looked bored. The One Direction guys appeared expressionless.” Comedian and actor Kevin Hart later joked about her performance: “Better go get that pregnancy test after all that grinding!”

Sexually suggestive and lyrically demeaning is not something that our young generations should idolize. I feel that we all have the right to like what we like but the advertising of sexual desires and implying that women are just “sex objects” because sex sells is not healthy for the viewing of young girls or general. It is a wonder so many young girls become pregnant, insecure, have low self esteem when people like Miley Cyrus and others on that path make a public appearance that communicates that it is ok to demean themselves. The article also stated:

“While she thought she was being all shades of sexy and grown up at the VMAs, audiences instead were cringing in embarrassment for her.”

In case you missed it, here is a video of the performance: What is society teaching young girls – that it is ok to make yourself out to be a sex object and be targeted and belittled? I am all for expressing your creative side and being internally free but there is a fine line and it is saddening that some do not realize it and make even a public fool of themselves. I hope Miley Cyrus can turn her own life around before she becomes the next artist to end up in jail. Not to mention the fact that she sets a bad example grinding against someone old enough to be her father. Girls and women are NOT sex objects and if we want the respect from Men/Women in general then we ought not to prance around like we are inviting the world to ambush us. Source: Today