As I stumbled across this article, I not only began to feel incredibly flabbergasted but upset and angry beyond words over the photos with such horrible quotes to them that encourage violence towards women. Quotes such as:

“1/3 of women are physically abused, 2/3 of men aren’t doing their job.”  

“Don’t wrap it and tap it, Tape her and rape her.”

How can people be so cruel and how can this society continue to demean women and allow this to happen? Yes, women have come far since the past in recognition and respect but at the same time when you see what is happening you wonder – has it really improved?  No, it has not and it needs to be addressed. For example, Facebook has had issues with people posting various demeaning photos and comments which have gone viral very quickly and still continue to be shared. Without the proper procedures, anything can be allowed in the system and viewed/shared no matter how horrible and graphic. The article says:

“In some cases, content is not being removed as quickly as we want. In other cases, content that should be removed has not been or has been evaluated using outdated criteria. We have been working over the past several months to improve our systems to respond to reports of violations, but the guidelines used by these systems have failed to capture all the content that violates our standards. We need to do better – and we will.”

Facebook agreed to review their systems for displaying content that endorses violence against after 60,000 tweets (using the hashtag #fbrape), 5,000 emails, and the campaigning efforts of more than 100 women’s movement and social justice organizations. The announcement came a week after campaign group Women, Action & the Media (WAM!)The Everyday Sexism Project and writer/activist Soraya Chemaly, and many advocacy groups, signed an open letter to Facebook, demanding the removal of images that encourage or make light of gender-based hate. Facebook’s system improvements will include evaluating and updating policies, guidelines and practices relating to hate speech, improving training for content moderators and increasing accountability for creators of misogynist content. In a statement, Women, Action & the Media said:

“Facebook has admirably done more than most other companies to address this topic in regards to content policy. We will work closely with Facebook on the issue of how Community Standards around hate speech are evaluated and to ensure best practices represent the interests of our coalition.”

The more that society thinks it is ok to demean women, the more this will happen. We need to pull together and find ways to put a stop to this. It is NOT okay to post photos of any type of obscenities such as what has gone viral on Social media sites or any other for that matter! What does that teach the general population? To laugh at women and make a joke of women as pigs in a stall? It is cruel, vindictive, outright injustice and people that think of these photos as a joke are just as cruel and should be ashamed of themselves. It is time to take a stand and put a stop to social media allowing crime to go viral. To me, photos that demean women are a crime in itself and should be addressed at all times. In my eyes it is viral abuse towards women. STOP NOW. Source: Huffington Post