In this world there are so many countries where women are still belittled, valued less than the general population, beaten, raped, tortured, abused in many ways and to this day the countless fight for Women’s Rights continues. The Article states: “This week alone, 91 women became victims of sexual assault over four days during the protests (in Egypt), says Human Rights Watch. Many women are breaking their silence at last. But it’s a long battle.” Stumbling across this article it set off a feeling of anger inside of me and such compassion for the women in Egypt but also for the women in all of the countries of the World enduring such atrocities. Right now there has yet again been casualties and wounded people during a protest in Egypt where a brave young woman named Nihal Saad Zaghloul spoke of what was happening during the protests that day and how she feels about the situation that the women face on a daily basis:

“The more we patrol and the more we fight for women’s rights the more counteracts there are from harrassers and rapists,” Nihal Saad Zaghloul explained as the reason why she decided not to go to Tahrir square on Friday night. “It is dangerous.”

As I read more into the article, it saddened me – but it is nothing new to me as I have read so much on this topic. This is a topic I am very passionate about as in protecting the rights of women and ending any type of violence towards women.

“Human rights groups are alarmed: The number of women who have become victims of brutal assaults during the protests in Egypt has been rising. The women are beaten up or raped, and more often than not several men are involved – some victims say as many as 100 men were present. The assaults can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. According to Human Rights Watch, over a period of four days this week, 91 women became victims of sexual harassment during the protests that led to the ousting of President Morsi. And these figures are just the reported cases.”

Nihal also made a STRONG statement to help spread awareness:

“Once you decide to include men and say okay, feminism or defending women’s rights is no longer an exclusive right for women, then you have a lot of men who want to join in,” she said. “They have mothers, they have sisters, and they truly believe that women are human beings.”

As this continues to be a daily struggle for the women of Egypt, I think of America and other countries where Women still fight the battle each day to be protected as well. I wish one day for the violence against women to stop. It happens too often and the justice system needs to do more to help with cases as well. Though I feel in America women have more rights than countries such as Egypt and others, this country also has a long way to go with enforcing consequences for people whom inflict harm upon women in any way. Once again, that is where the justice system plays a role and should in all countries. Until that happens the Women of the World must stand together and continue fighting this battle without fear. Never let fear take over you. Once you do, you just give your rights away. “We must Stand United” as the saying goes. Source: