Over the weekend I stumbled across a gross little video of contestant Katie Hopkins (from the U.K.’s version of The Apprentice) speaking on a British morning talk show about how she determined whether other children were worthy of playing with her own. The deciding factor? Their names. In an anti-working class rant, Katie stated that names like “Tyler,” Charmain”, “Kylie” and “Chantal”, as well as names rooted in geography like “London” or “Brooklyn,” were all names that she would not allow her children to interact with (even though her own daughter’s name is “India”)! Anna May Mangan, one of the show’s co-hosts, stated her disgust with Katie’s prejudiced outlook, saying:

“This is snot-worthy, Katie.  I just cannot believe that you’re such an insufferable snob.”

One of the other co-hosts pointed out that by not exposing her children to diversity, Katie was “really robbing your children of the chance to become decent human beings.” Katie defends herself, saying that many parents feel this way about other children, however they don’t admit it. I think it’s absolutely awful to judge anyone, a child no less, on their name – something that the child had no control over. Judging people on external factors is what causes a multitude of problems within our world. Judging by some of Katie’s tweets from her twitter account, she isn’t backing down from her statements. Some of these are really awful. Katie Hopkins1 Katie Hopkins2 Katie Hopkins3 Katie Hopkins4 We’re all entitled to our opinions, but I think this is ridiculous. I cannot see any benefit in this line of thinking at all. By not exposing kids to a diverse range of other people, we hinder their growth and prevent them from learning about things outside of their comfort zones. Parents: What to you think? Do you judge your children’s classmates/potential playmates by their names? Source: Aattp.org