Every woman has a desire to be fashionable and chic. You want to wear nice clothes and feel good about yourself. Unfortunately if you are plus size, finding fashionable chic clothing that fits great is hard to find. Every time I go shopping I complain to my fiance about how there are never any cute clothes in the plus size section of the store. Why is it that plus size clothing has to have so many layers and extras to hide yourself or everything comes in black? I’m a girl who embraces color and I’m definitely confident enough in myself to not want to hide my body. I know there are a lot of women out there like me who embrace their curves and want to rock fashionable clothing. Thankfully big name designers are starting to notice take notice. Designers like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Vince Camuto’s current lines go up to a size 12. They’ve realized that a majority of their revenue comes from the larger sizes. Even if they are just seeing the dollar signs, the fact that they are going to extend their collections to larger sizes is a win for plus size women. After being excluded from the fashion world for such a long time it’s nice to see designers taking notice of an unrecognized demographic. It would be so nice to see some amazing collections created specifically for plus size women. Hopefully they don’t make the mistake and go into the direction of moo-moo’s and all black items. We want color and trendy pieces! Like the GabiFresh “fatkini.” Plus size blogger Gabi Gregg’s “fatkini’s” were neon colored bikini’s for plus sizes that sold out in an hour of going on sale. I’m a proud owner of a “fatkini” and in all honesty it is the most amazing swimsuit I’ve ever owned. I feel sexy and confident in my neon pink “fatkini”. Hopefully items like the “fatkini” inspire designers to take the leap into plus size fashion and deliver us some spectacular pieces. Resources: Yahoo!