Politics and Religion with the conflicting parallels of homosexuals and abortion concludes to be an interesting ongoing debate for most of this country. In recent news, it is mentioned that acceptance of homosexuality has increased and the abortion issue still is a huge issue that may never be resolved. While it is great that finally the homosexual community is being accepted if not by all then at least by many – even though this issue of acceptance should not even exist because they are all human and deserve their rights just as much as anyone – it was quite interesting to see how the two were put into the same category. The writer States:

The contrasting images on the news this week could not have been more stark: On the steps of the Supreme Court, supporters of gay marriage celebrated two victories – and a new sense of momentum. But in Texas, abortion rights were under siege in the state legislature, as Gov. Rick Perry (R) sought to join the wave of states imposing sweeping restrictions on the procedure. The effort failed, with a dramatic filibuster, but he’ll try again Monday. What’s going on The “values” issues that used to move in lock step in American opinion have been “decoupled,” say experts on public attitudes. Public opinion on abortion has held remarkably constant in the last 30 years. But on gay marriage, acceptance has grown dramatically in just 10 years – most notably among young evangelical Protestants.

While society is becoming more accepting initially at hand, abortion will forever be a huge issue. Many perspectives can come about this. Many religions are opposed to abortion due to their religious beliefs and call abortion “murder”. A very touchy subject indeed next to marriage equality as well in this article. It depends on how you look at it all. If a homosexual was a female and had a child with someone previous or was raped and had a child but then fell in love with the same sex then I could see where they would connect homosexuality on the front lines with abortion. However, abortion is more of a Woman’s Rights issue. A gentleman in the article says “With abortion, there seems to be evident harm,” says Mr. Green. “Even people who are pro-choice and don’t believe life begins at conception recognize there’s a consequence to abortion.” Abortion is a woman’s choice – homosexual or not! It is not the right of religion or men to make that judgment on what should be done. Personally, I am pro-choice and I am only pro-choice of abortion for one reason only: If the woman was raped. That is not murder. What would be murder is the fetus being brought into the world knowing that the mother was raped and that is how they came into the world. They will feel murdered. They will live the rest of their life feeling out of place and traumatized to know they were conceived by rape. Do not mess with a woman’s choice on the issue of abortion when it comes to that. Abortion issues should not exist because 1) It is the woman’s body 2) A woman of rape should not be forced to live the rest of her life re-traumatized and look into the eyes of the child and feel disconnect and not know how to explain it to the child without traumatizing them as well for the rest of their life. I could go on about this issue at hand but the main thing is homosexuality, thank goodness, has come a long way to the road of acceptance and unfortunately we still have a long way to go for the world to respect a woman’s choice and body. Source: Yahoo!