wifeAs women of the world, we are all different in many ways – especially our facial features. Does that make us any less qualified to be a wife? No, it does not. However to some new studies, we as women can be determined whether we are “wife material” supposedly just by our facial features. Quite ridiculous I know and yet the study seems to go by what men are attracted to. This comes off to me very stereotypical and completely ignorant. The only thing that should be judged of a woman is her personality and heart. I believe that is the only way a woman should be judged worthy of wife material. Not by her facial features!  The study takes place in Europe which baffles me especially since that is my home country and I am appalled to see such a study done when in reality who has the right to determine wife material based on facial features alone? This goes to show that some men out there are still picking beauty over brains. The media certainly does not help with that. I always had a motto that I go by: You can be the most beautiful woman in the world but if you are ugly on the inside you are ugly on the outside, if you are beautiful on the inside then it will show on the outside no matter what you look like. Inner beauty is what matters. I can see why the researchers did this study but once again facial features and wife compatibility does not rank and prove anything. Society needs to put more focus on studies with emotional compatibility instead of increasingly focusing on external factors. It really makes some men sound picky when it comes to finding a mate. Also I do not see them reversing roles and doing this type of research on men. That’s where sexism plays a role again. What do each of you think about this study? Source: Yahoo!Shine