Maddy BlytheWhen young girls already endure so much pressure in today’s societal roles, the last thing they need is their own religion dictating what they are capable of. In this specific article it refers to a young girl whom wants nothing more than to be on the boys Football Team of her Christian school. None other than the CEO of the school decided to imply that the boys would have lustrous thoughts and that is why they removed her from the team. This is something that is so cynical and selfish of the CEO and people with that thought process in the school when they use religion as an excuse to basically exclude a girl from even being on the team. This is not religion we are talking about – this is about sexism and it is obvious. To me, this young girl should be able to be on the team and if they are that worried about the boys becoming “lustrous” then they all need to do is set boundaries and make it clear of the repercussions of pursuing girls at any point in time on the field or off the field. Do not let the girl take the fall for such nonsense! In this day and age there should be gender equality everywhere. Religion is no excuse to gender stereotype. I think some people need to reevaluate their priorities. Source: Yahoo! Sports