This month, Binge Eating Disorder – previously misunderstood and under-diagnosed – has finally been included in the DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). With this inclusion comes recognition, the call for more research and greater possibilities for treatment and help. During Binge Eating Disorder Week, we’ve worked with two amazing organizations that focus on providing help and resources for BED: and Binge Eating Disorder Association. is a social network created to support people who struggle with bingeing and impulse control disorders, specifically binge eating, binge drinking and binge shopping.   It is an interactive community offering professional Q&As with leading experts working with impulse control and binge disorders, member written articles, human interest series and a blog.  Also featured are forums to encourage member-to-member support, profile areas and soon behavioral charting tools will be available to help members track their episodes. Stay current with the latest information and join the forums at Binge Eating Disorder Association Founded in 2008, the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) is the national organization focused on increasing prevention, diagnosis and treatment of binge eating disorder and associated weight stigma. Through outreach, education, and resources, BEDA is committed to facilitating awareness, excellence in care, and recovery for those who live with and those who treat binge eating disorder and its associated conditions.  Here are a few other organizations that specialize in different areas related to Binge Eating Disorder: Counseling and Therapy Dr. Ashley Solomon Dr. Ashley Solomon is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders and co-occurring conditions. Angela Wurtzel, MA, MFT, CEDS Angela R. Wurtzel is a licensed Certified Eating Disorder specialist with 16 years of private practice experience. Paula D. Atkinson Paula Atkinson is a licensed graduate social worker, yoga teacher with 500 hrs, author & Reiki practitioner. Pershing Turner Centers It is Pershing Turner’s aim to resolve eating, weight, and body image issues as well as the underlying factors, fostering resilience and empowering their clients to achieve their full potential. Oliver-Pyatt Centers Oliver-Pyatt will guide you through the recovery process in the most humane, compassionate way possible, providing top-quality treatment while preserving your dignity as an individual. Green Mountain at Fox Run A safe and welcoming place, where, unlike typical weight loss spas, struggles with body, food, eating and self are truly understood. Where, with other like-minded women, you can discover how to transform your thinking, stop overeating, move more confidently, and begin your journey to a healthy weight. Advocacy and organizations Kantor & Kantor LLP Kantor & Kantor has developed a specialized legal practice representing clients whose claims for treatment of eating disorders, and dual diagnosis (substance abuse and other co-morbid conditions) have been unfairly denied by their health insurers or benefit plan. NEDA: National Eating Disorders Association Overcoming an eating disorder takes professional help, but it is also important to have a strong support team. NEDA’s programs and services are designed to help you find the help and support you need. Eating Disorders Coalition The federal advocacy organization for eating disorders with a mission is to advance the federal recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority. AED: Academy for Eating Disorders The Academy for Eating Disorders is a global professional association committed to leadership in eating disorders research, education, treatment, and prevention. WATRD: We Are The Real Deal An educational blog universe instructing today’s youths on body image, healthy coping, nutrition and self-esteem via empowering content authored by professionals from arts, wellness, nutrition, yoga and psychology. WATRD’s mission is to empower girls and women by providing a “safe” space to learn about healthy body image, finding the voice, stress management and to promote media literacy.  The site is a program of the NORMAL In Schools national nonprofit. To catch up on the BED Week discussion,  you can follow the event on facebook or on twitter by using the hashtags #BEDWEEK, #DSM5, #BEDAWARENESS, #EATINGDISORDER and #ED. Check back next week for our BED wrap-up and summary!