Samsung’s new ad for their evolutionary kit, which turns Samsung television’s into smart television, is being called sexist by men. The ad features a husband who eats like a pig, farts, and acts dumb. When the wife puts in the evolutionary kit the husband is cleaning, acting mature, taking care of children, and making dinner for his wife. The commercial ends with the wife sighing because it was all just a fantasy. Many men have taken to reddit and twitter expressing their outrage over the commercial’s blatant sexist ad. Samsung’s youtube page is flooded with angry comments by men about the ad and towards women. Some are even saying that they are even going to boycott Samsung products because of the ad. Isn’t this all just a bit much? Why is it that when so many ads feature women in sexual situations, showing off their bodies, or fitting a stereotype, no one gets tremendously upset? We’ve accepted that women are going to be used to sell beer while wearing a bikini or household cleaners. I know plenty of men, married or single, who act like the man in Samsung’s commercial. But that doesn’t mean that all men are that man. Men aren’t stereotypes just like women aren’t. I think the commercial is being completely blown out of proportion. Women have had to deal with overtly sexual commercials much longer than men have, sexually exploiting men or having them fill a stereotype to sell a product is a somewhat new concept in commercials. Maybe that is where all the outrage is coming from. But for every 10 commercials exploiting women there are maybe 2 for men. While I’ll admit I do get upset when I see degrading commercials, like the one for Fiat where the guy is looking up a woman’s skirt, they are just there to get out attention to buy something we don’t need. No one is going to see the Samsung ad and think ‘oh that’s gonna change my husband/boyfriend’, they are going to laugh about it. I sympathize with the men offended by the commercial but there have been years of films and t.v. shows that have portrayed men in much worse ways.