model2Saffi Karina, a 27-year-old model, was once told she was too curvy to work in the industry. Instead of conforming to what was wanted of her, Saffi embraced her 41-inch hips and began to work as a plus size model for Debenhams, Speedo, John Lewis and Bravissimo. Karina says that the plus size industry was very positive and great to work in. With Saffi’s insight into the modeling industry, she decided to start The Curve Project for women to embrace their figures and not strive to be skeletal. She believes that the industry is changing and with that change, the demand for “normal” size women in commercial branding has begun. Through The Curve Project, aspiring models will work with professional make-up artists, photographers, and stylists who will help to turn them into models with a positive body image. The goal is to empower and encourage the young models into accepting the skin that they are in and loving it. I love the idea behind Saffi’s Curve Project, to help create body-positive models in such a demanding industry is wonderful. Sometimes I wonder who the fashion industry is trying to sell clothes to – who really looks like the models on the runway? My theory is that because runway models are so thin, the sample sizes for designers are smaller – as a result celebrities have to be smaller to fit in the designers’ clothes, then we as women desire and attempt to look like overly thin stars, sometimes hurting ourselves in the process by extreme dieting or unhealthy eating habits. Hopefully through the project future models inspire a new generation of young girls to love themselves as well. To create self-love within the modeling industry you have to start at the source, the models. Everyone should work on loving themselves and quit paying attention to all the negative body comments we might receive. LOVE YOUR BODY BECAUSE IT’S THE ONLY ONE YOU’VE GOT!