Jenna Wolfe, a Today show news anchor, announced that she is expecting her first child with her female partner Stephanie Gosk. I love to hear about same-sex couples coming together. After hearing so many stories about the struggles of being gay in this world it is always so wonderful to hear about someone finding love. Jenna has been with her partner for three years and has kept her sexual orientation a secret. I’m sure it was a huge pressure for Jenna to come out on air, especially when the world is so torn about gay marriage. I’m very happy for Jenna and Stephanie and wish them all the best with the pregnancy and upcoming wedding! Reuters NBC “Today” news anchor Jenna Wolfe announced on the morning show on Wednesday that she is having a baby girl with partner and NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk, acknowledging her gay partnership publicly for the first time. “This is big for me, I’m actually pregnant,” Wolfe, who is the anchor for “Weekend Today,” said. “I’m quite pregnant, actually.” Wolfe said the baby is due on August 27 and that she will keep a diary-style blog about her pregnancy. “It’s … about documenting my fears, funnies and follies that come with doing this for the first time,” Wolfe wrote in her first entry. “I’ve never changed a diaper … I don’t really understand what a breast pump is.” Wolfe, 39, and Gosk, 40, have been together for three years. The couple told People magazine that Wolfe underwent artificial insemination from an anonymous donor in December and that they are also planning to wed. Wolfe made her announcement in the same week that the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases regarding same sex marriage.