Check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine! I was lucky enough to find an awesome blog called Escher Girls – which tries to shed light on the way that woman are portrayed by pop media. There was a particular post about breasts that I felt was very important, and I added a few little things to it…because the bodies that are portrayed in the media, movies and adult films just do not show the diversity of reality. It’s important for us to show real and raw human forms so that we can keep everything in perspective.  This is a large gallery of different kinds of breasts. They’re all front facing, so it’s not exactly an artist reference, but it is a good resource for seeing the diversity of breasts, because that’s something that mainstream images and art really have an issue with. And I understand that a lot of people drawing have generally only seen breasts in mainstream depictions, or in adult films, or whichever women in their lives they’ve been able to see naked (including themselves). That doesn’t necessarily give that much diversity, so I think this site can be a great resource for that, and seeing different kinds of breasts and what they look like. As this site says, even many women growing up worry if our breasts are “normal” because of how narrow the depiction of breasts in our society and our media is.  In my opinion, referencing real pictures like this is a better resource than a “how to draw comics” book that says “this is what a small breast looks like, this is what a big breast looks like.” Note: this is only about the use of the site as a resource, not an endorsement of anything else on the site, so if there are concerns that the introduction of the site is cissexist (for example), this is not me making any statement about it by providing the link. It’s really a great gallery and really important for both men and women to see. I feel especially for women, because unless they undress with women often, they won’t see many natural breasts other than their own. They certainly won’t be seeing it in the media. I can’t tell you how many stories I come across about people who think their bodies are abnormal just because they’ve never seen their body type portrayed in mainstream media. Adult films are another big culprit (many images/movies are either very manipulated or surgery is involved).