I love finding blogs and campaigns similar to what Beutiful is promoting – and when it comes to body image and self-acceptance, new ones are being created every day! I met Amina Chinnell-Mateen through the Beutiful facebook page and learned of her Beyond Beauty Campaign (BBC). Upon visiting the BBC facebook page and website, I knew for sure that I had to share more information about it. BBC’s mission is to promote and encourage the values of self value and worth to show what true beauty is. I strongly suggest that you check BBC out and read below for more info about how you can get involved! Don’t forget to check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine! Amina Chinnell-Mateen About Amina Amina is a College Sophomore at Northwest Nazarene University studying Christian Ministry, with a minor emphasis in Youth Ministry. She is hoping to become a youth pastor, and ultimately a counselor for at risk youth between the ages of 12-18 years old. Her free time is spent writing poetry, and music, drawing, and reading. Beyond Beauty Campaign Amina created the Beyond Beauty Campaign (BBC) out of experience from when she was child, and through the loss of some of her closest friends. Amina reveals that she was teased a lot in school, which caused her to hate herself and her appearance. Amina looked to unhealthy alternatives to try and fill her pain but with no success. Eventually, she decided to challenge the people who taunted her, and then challenge society in general. BBC was born out of the effort to urge people to think outside the box about what beauty was and is, and to stop putting labels on what it truly means to be beautiful. beyond beauty campaignCreating BBC has helped Amini to realize her dream to help and motivate others. She has spent her life in service and helping others because she feels it’s very important in life. One thing Amina believes people struggle with most is how they view themselves. In a world where magazines depict this perfect body shape and image, often times people are rocked by sources in the media, that make up our society. They think those types of things have to define what they should look like, but that’s wrong. BBC has meant the world to Amina, because she wants people to know the truth about themselves…that they all matter, and should embrace themselves the way they are. Upon visiting the BBC facebook page or website, you’ll see different people have submitted photos, either writing on themselves, or on the picture itself the words “Beyond Beauty”. By doing this, they show that they are beyond stereotypical beauty, labels, and beyond what people think they mean. beyond beauty campaignThe future of Beyond Beauty Campaign Amina’s goal is to ultimately, have a better website up for BBC. After graduating, Amina would love to go around and talk about BBC – maybe work in schools or different types of conferences. Too many people hurt by words, and image, and it’s time they learned the truth about themselves. How you can get involved The Beyond Beauty Campaign takes submissions. Amina loves when followers take charge and submit photos and she encourages creativity and self-expression in her photos. Submissions can be sent to beyondbeautymodels@gmail.com!